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Monday, Sep 25, 2017
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Letters to the editor: Indecision is weakness

Indecision is weakness "I don't wish to make any decision based out of fear," says Hillsborough County School Board Chairwoman April Griffin ("School guards proposal rejected," front page, Dec. 16). Just what is the driving force behind protecting our children from deranged gunmen? Instead of going forward at "all cost," the school board decides to create a filibuster. Meanwhile, the weakest and most innocent go unprotected. I think not! All relatives of our elementary schools need to organize and stand up to this board and have them shape up or ship out. We need letters and phone calls to our congressional representatives for additional funding and a continued police presence, period, until additional or replacement funding can be achieved.
Indecision is a weakness we cannot afford when it comes to the lives of our children John Mannone Tampa Voice of reason I breathed a big sigh of relief as I read the outcome of the Hillsborough County School Board meeting on the issue of putting armed personnel in elementary schools. Thanks goodness for school board members who are rational and thoughtful. These people put aside the hype surrounding this issue after the problems at Sandy Hook Elementary in Connecticut and took a calm, reasoned approach. I found it nearly beyond belief that the superintendent did not come better prepared to answer board members' questions. She seems to be ill-prepared for an in-depth discussion of the issue. With all the problems we have with special-needs children in the district, the administration wanted to throw away millions by putting armed guards in schools. Has anyone asked themselves the basic question of the psychological ramifications of doing this? I have not heard this discussion at all. What is the young mind to think? Many children are brought up to view school as a "safe" place to be, and that it should. What would they then think when they see people going around the school with guns? Is this really a safe place to be? Frank Popeleski Seffner Shortchanged again Tribune columnist Steve Otto was right on target — "Lots of talk, no action on kids' safety" (Metro, Jan. 16) by the Hillsborough County School Board hoity-toities. Trained and armed Tampa police officers would make our kids feel at least somewhat safe in school in today's sick society and give them a fair chance to learn in our unsafe public schools, where even some teachers can't protect our kids from drowning or being seduced or molested. These kids deserve better. They have been shortchanged again. I say cut out the middle man and pay the police. It's a small price to pay compared to damages from lawsuits for extreme negligence Ray Brown Tampa Universal suffrage So Barack Obama's limousine will carry the District of Columbia's "Taxation Without Representation" license plate. Do you think he might consider another sign that celebrates his largest voting bloc, "Representation Without Taxation"? My history education suggests the founders of the republic that was once a great nation thought, fought and wrote about both readings of this equation. Does anyone think the United States of America can survive universal suffrage? Should the person on their knees, eating at the public trough, be permitted equal voice concerning the contents of the trough with the working stiffs who are filling said trough? Ken Zellers Brandon Thankful for Ross Congressman Dennis Ross of the 15th Congressional District wrote the Tribune about why he voted no on the fiscal cliff bill and what his solutions to the crisis were (Other Views, Jan. 15). I thank God for Ross. Sadly, he is no longer my representative. The districts were redrawn, and I am now in the 14th Congressional District represented by Kathy Castor. J. B. Trent Brandon Irony Ha! How ironic! You printed the column by Rep. Dennis Ross explaining why he was voting against raising the debt ceiling, and then on the same day he read Section 4 of the Constitution on the House floor which states that under no circumstances should the United States default on the debt. Uh, Rep. Ross, your timing was a little off. Jackie Gavrian Brandon
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