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Sunday, Oct 22, 2017
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Letters to the editor: ‘In great peril’

‘In great peril’

Regarding “A dangerous political game” (Our Views, Sept. 24):

Thank god we have people who will fight for what is right instead of putting it off for another time. That approach is what got us to where we are today. Surely the $17 trillion debt did not get to such obscene levels just to cover previous costs. They just keep on adding new spending, and nothing changes. The time is here to say enough is enough.

Think of the shape you would be in if you just borrowed more to pay the bills and then added a few hundred-thousand more. And did it again each year.

Listening to people like the leadership of both parties has put this country in great peril.

Gary DeLong

Dade City

Dems are to blame

Regarding “A dangerous political game:” Contrary to your lead editorial, the Republicans are not “ready to shut down the government.” I seem to remember that a continuing resolution, to keep the government running, was passed by the House of Representatives, although it did not contain funding for the implementation of Obamacare.

On the other side, it’s Harry Reid and the Democrats who are, in effect, saying “My way or the highway,” and that the House-passed continuing resolution is “dead on arrival” in the Senate. It seems to me that they are the ones willing to close down the government.

Kenneth R. Gilder

St. Petersburg

A basic duty

It is exasperating to witness the irresponsible behavior of U.S. House members who continue to threaten the economy and hold the American people hostage to their uncompromising positions and repeated attempts to destroy and defund the Affordable Care Act, also referred to as Obamacare.

The Affordable Care Act was passed by Congress, signed by the president and validated by the U.S. Supreme Court. It is the law of the land. Voters had a clear choice in the last election between two candidates, and the one who campaigned on the position to repeal Obamacare lost.

Obamacare did not create the deficit or cause this country’s economic problems. It will make health care available to millions of uninsured Americans, provide already insured Americans with better coverage, and will help save lives.

Our economy doesn’t need another blow from Congress. Congress has a basic duty to pass a budget on time, pay this country’s bills on time, and stop governing from crisis to crisis. Their focus should be on the American people, growing our economy, and fostering security for middle-class families by compromising on a budget that creates jobs and cuts the deficit in a balanced way.

Constituents need to let Congress know we’ve had enough already. It’s time for House members to pass a simple budget resolution that doesn’t defund Obamacare and move on.

Mary E. White


New gun run

Regarding “The government failed us at the Navy Yard” (Letter of the Day, Sept. 21): No, the government didn’t fail us at the Navy Yard. Politicians who voted for gun rights over public safety failed us at the Navy Yard.

Every law designed to keep guns out the wrong hands has been savaged by pro-gun legislators, leaving what few gun control laws we have filled with loopholes any criminal or mental patient can use to obtain guns. Better enforcement of these woefully deficient or nonexistent gun laws is not the answer. We need new, comprehensive gun laws without NRA-created loopholes.

The tragedy at our Navy Yard is being used for a new run for more guns by the NRA, the only consistent initiative after a mass shooing — in this case more people roaming about retail establishments with guns in the open. At a local Starbucks I frequent, a group of coffee drinkers who has the Florida concealed carry license all agreed it was juvenile to carry a gun in the open and upset other patrons.

Open carry almost came to Florida, but that provision was deleted from another bill. You can be sure it will soon be back as a top priority of the NRA and their Republican backers.

Arthur C. Hayhoe

Wesley Chapel

The writer is executive director of the Florida Coalition to Stop Gun Violence Inc.

Out of the blue

In the recent article on the elevated toll road for Gandy, I am interested to know exactly where the 9,400 questionnaires were mailed to concerning this project. If they were sent east of Dale Mabry, those people have no legitimate say, as it will not affect them at all. Those of us west of Dale Mabry and north and south of Gandy will be the ones destroyed by this behemoth. Our homes and house values will suffer, and there will be noise and pollution, and lights flooding us and our businesses — all of it for what? Pinellas needs an escape route in case of hurricanes. Crossing a bridge in high winds? Oh, please! They don’t do it on the Skyway. It’d be just as dangerous on this.

We’re still in shape to fight. We’ve fought this for years. All the malarkey about traffic on Gandy is hogwash. We have heavy traffic just like any other main artery, but otherwise it’s light. Even at peak, it moves well. We’d like some answers as to who is behind this latest foray. It’s sure not any of us voting for it! It’s all very suspect to crop up out of the blue.

Wynelle Gilbert


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