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Monday, May 21, 2018
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Letters To The Editor

Letters to the editor: Ignorance of “Pledge of Allegiance” a sad commentary

A sad commentary

Recently, the Jimmy Kimmel show asked people on the sidewalk to recite “The Pledge of Allegiance.”

I realize that the show selected the dumbest answers to get a laugh. But it is so sad that so many Americans cannot recite the Pledge. Today, as in the past, many Americans have sacrificed their lives to keep these words in our hearts.

When I was growing up during World War II, it would be unthinkable that our children would not recite the Pledge before class. It would be unthinkable that at a sporting event, people in the stands would not know the words to the National Anthem.

Making fun of those who cannot recite the Pledge of Allegiance, or know the words to our National Anthem, is not funny. It is sad.

Ron Dakin

Spring Hill

Abe Brown memories

Regarding the coverage of “Abe Brown Ministries Memories Reunion” (Baylife, Sept. 1):

Jake Merchant was spot on when he mentioned that the Rev. Abe Brown was a fantastic and godly man and that he embodied Jesus Christ’s teachings to love thy neighbors as thyself.

Twenty-five years ago I was blessed to attend a weekly Bible study at the Divine Providence Food Bank with the good reverend. One of the most memorable stories he shared was that a person must be “ripe” prior to changing their ways or in accepting Jesus Christ. The Rev. Brown would use the example of a green orange. You could pull and pull on that green orange and it won’t break off that branch. But when it is orange and ripe, you barely have to touch it and it drops quickly in your hands.

Florida is truly blessed by having Abe Brown Ministries.

Dale Kimball


Homeless housing

The author of the letter to the editor, “Help for the homeless” (Sept. 1), seems well-intentioned but is devoid of facts. Pinellas Hope is designed for people who are not ready to enter the workforce or society.

The Pinellas Hope facility is on a secluded, commercially zoned property far from residential homes while a similar facility proposed in Hillsborough was near a populated area. Since Pinellas Hope has opened there have been numerous arrests related to the facility.

The attempt to replicate the facility near homes in Hillsborough County was inexcusable. If the author thinks that this is an acceptable solution to the homeless problem, then I suggest that he open his home or property to the homeless that are housed at Pinellas Hope.

Paul Cotter


Gay Scout policy

Speaking as a member of Holy Trinity Presbyterian Church, I would like to make it clear that Holy Trinity does not wish to separate itself from gays, as one letter writer interpreted the church’s decision about the Boy Scout troop to mean.

I can say with certainty that gays are welcomed at Holy Trinity, just as all sinners are welcome. Gays should be extended the love of Christ as would anyone else.

However, the new Scouting policy is not just about allowing openly gay youngsters into their troops. It is about not being allowed to speak against homosexuality at all. In other words, condoning homosexuality.

The leaders of Holy Trinity are not “haters” or “phobic,” they are humble, honorable men, taking a stand based on conscience.

Barbara Jean Gravlee


It’s about manners

Thank you, Mike Merino, for your insight in “Speaking Spanish” (Letter to the editor, Aug. 29). It reminded me of my early childhood growing up east of Ybor City and going to Our Lady of Perpetual Help Church and school.

Many of my friends were Spanish and had the good fortune to be bilingual. However, if I were to walk up to a group, one would say “Peggy’s here now so we’ll speak English.”

It was all about good manners. Darn those friends of my past — if they had continued to speak Spanish, maybe I too would be bilingual!

Peggy Ann Wright


Applause for Bucs

A recent writer blasted the Tampa Bay Buccaneers owners, saying they need personality transplants, asking when the last time it was they high-fived fans or interacted with kids, or when they last tried to make a conscious effort to be part of the local sports community.

Well, one of the Bucs owners approached me at a recent game to ask if I was having a nice time and if there was anything I needed. Prices for the season seats I have dropped another 15 percent this year.

The Bucs also give countless tickets away to community members, and help children through the Glazer Family Foundation in most generous and touching ways.

The truth is the Bucs and their owners have demonstrated superb interest in the fans and our community.

Go Bucs!

Fred W. Van Cleave


Coastal insurance costs

I was determined to live inland from the coast because I didn’t want to take a chance on a storm wiping away our home.

It’s about time the insurance industry started charging what it costs to insure a home on the coast. It always disturbed me to see people building on lots that were so vulnerable to storms. Maybe now my insurance will go down, now that they charge what it really costs to insure coastal homes.

Charles Naeyaert

Dade City, Fl.

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