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Tuesday, May 22, 2018
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Letters To The Editor

Letters to the editor: If only

If only

In the Tribune’s Nation & World section on June 17, The Associated Press article referencing the United States “deploying up to 275 troops to Iraq to protect the U.S. Embassy and other American interests” brings back vivid memories of Benghazi and raises the question: Why not then?

Under the authorization “a U.S. official said, the U.S. would put an additional 100 soldiers in a nearby third country where they would be held in reserve until needed.”

If only!

John Osterweil


Lawlessness of immigration

America is a nation of immigrants, and our nation has regularly been improved by their arrival. That is usually because we get the people who are willing to risk their lives to come to our country. They are mostly hard working and dedicated to making their lot and that of their family’s better.

I understand we gain different ideas and different strengths from immigration. I am somewhat concerned by the lawlessness of the present immigration. But I am more concerned that the president is working hard between golf games and vacations to remove the traditional reasons people want to come to America: opportunity and individual freedom.

Finally, I am concerned that Hillary Clinton is no different than President Obama.

Lawrence P. Marlin


Day late, dollar short II

Where were the members of the Obama administration during the Gulf War? Remember the “Highway of Death” between Kuwait and Basra? Fleeing Saddam troops took to this highway and died there. Aerial gunships and artillery killed the vast majority of the troops and animals, in addition to wrecking every piece of machinery.

The same thing should have taken place with the current mess. When the first Islamic terrorist crossed the Syrian border on the way to Baghdad, he should have led his fellow terrorists to the same fate as those in the Gulf War. Instead, in the best interest of his legacy, President Obama again sits idly by and watches terrorists bring terror upon innocents and wreck towns. Killing every one of these killers would have changed the complexion of Iraq remarkably.

Enabling terrorist groups to retake towns that coalition forces died to liberate is the shame of the Obama administration. Now he wants to start all over again. Another day late and dollar short!

Don Hoyem


‘Disgrace to the nation’

It is well-known that Nero fiddled while Rome burned. But Nero has been bested. President Obama played golf while Baghdad falls. The atrocities committed during the move toward Baghdad clearly fall in Obama’s lap. Our prevaricator-in-chief is a disgrace to the nation.

Charles J. Garcia


More collection days needed

I want to comment on George Kolesar’s letter to the editor on June 14 concerning the Household Chemical and Electronics Collection Center on Sheldon Road (“A late-morning Saturday ordeal on Sheldon Road,” Your Views).

We must have been in the same line with George that day. We went south on Sheldon rather than west, though. We passed the side street for the center and made a U-turn south of where the line began. When we got to the side street, we turned east and proceeded on the left side of that dead-end street. I thought that was good as we proceeded to the end of the street and made the U-turn to head west to the entrance of the center. If we had gone on the right side of that dead-end street, we would have had to cross over into the incoming traffic to enter the collection center.

I took my wife and iPhone with me so we wouldn’t be bored. We entered the center, pushed the button for the tailgate, the attendant took the three cans of paint, thanked us and we were off to the exit.

I thought the procedure was good. We were there one-and-a-half hours. The only solution is more times per month.

R. Lorey


One-trick pony

In reading Lloyd Sealey’s opinion that under the current Triple Crown format, “there couldn’t be a fairer way” to “determine the best horse, period,” I have to wonder why even have such a competition (“Special horses,” Your Views, June 14). I always value a view that differs from mine, but to have a three-race program and allow entries at any stage totally throws out the concept of finding a special horse. In his perception, is he assuming that Tonalist, the Belmont winner, is the best horse of the bunch? If so, where was Tonalist when the Kentuck Derby and Preakness were run?

There really is no “champion of the world,” though we have the World Series, Stanley Cup, etc., except, perhaps, in soccer’s World Cup, where teams from all over the world compete and all had to qualify.

Tonalist may be a super horse at 1-1/2 miles, but could he compete at the shorter Preakness, or even the Derby with its much larger field? Who knows. Had he been entered and won all three, just imagine what kind of stud fees he would command. Perhaps he could have been as special as Secretariat, instead of another one-trick pony.

Jim Able


Stand up to Mexico

Regarding the influx of South American children across our border: It is a strategy against which there is no good defense. This feckless, hapless administration must stop it on the other side by standing up to Mexico. Have we squandered our global influence to the degree that we won’t even do that?

Irwin Schuster


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