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Sunday, Apr 22, 2018
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Letters To The Editor

Letters to the editor: How to keep fans interested during a snooze bowl

Stupor bowl

The NFL’s showcase game was a bust for football fans (outside of Seattle) but they may have come up with the best sleep aid since Ambien — and without chemical help. At least the first play of the game is a lock to make the “NFL Bloopers” video for the 2013-14 season.

I’m sure there were many others around the world who were struggling to keep their eyelids from slamming shut during the second quarter. The promise of an entertaining halftime show helped, and there are always the multimillion dollar commercials to amuse. Then the second half opened with the Seahawks running back the kickoff for a touchdown to effectively end the “contest.”

I have a few suggestions. First, the NFL owners should consider installing a mercy rule for teams that find themselves in the position the Denver Broncos were in after that second-half kickoff. The losing team could be restricted to the bench and the locker room and the winning team could scrimmage its offense against its defense. In cold-weather sites, snow could be trucked in and the fans could be invited to participate in a snowman-building contest. There could be a continuous showing of those funny commercials without annoying interruptions by the snooze bowl. I offer these free of charge as my contribution to the future of professional football.

Gil Evans


GOP buzz

In the recent article “What’s the buzz” (Other Views, Feb. 2), John Grant asserts Democrats have put marijuana on the ballot in order to get out the young and liberal vote to help Charlie Crist get elected governor.

While a Democrat may have helped fund the effort, it was Floridians who put this issue on the ballot. I can’t remember an issue of late that has garnered more bipartisan support than medical marijuana. Perhaps Mr. Grant is channeling his own Republican party, which has used the wedge issues of abortion and gay rights for years to get the base out to vote.

F.M. Younglove


Lofty salaries

An Associated Press article in The Tampa Tribune depicted the income inequality that exists in a Virginia community by contrasting the life of a food shop employee against the $168,000 median income of the surrounding area. What was not mentioned is the reason why that area has so much wealth. And that’s because of its proximity to our nation’s capital.

It is where many federal employees live with their hefty salaries, lifting up that county along with others around D.C. onto the list of top 10 wealthiest counties in the nation.

So as President Obama and other Democrats preach against income inequality, it turns out much of it is funded by our tax dollars.

Eric Greenbaum


Lifesaving lights

There are a million automobile accidents worldwide each week that result in 25,000 deaths. This also translates into a billion hours of labor and $4.5 billion in cost because of human error. We can look forward to 2020, when we are to have artificial intelligence driving us around in vehicles. But that is not any better than humans if the technology cannot see another car. Our vehicles need to have a change made to headlight engineering, Headlights must go on automatically and not be over-ridden during low visibility, dusk, dawn or night.

I knew a fellow who was killed in a car accident. At dusk, he pulled out in front of a car and it ran into his car. All vehicles should have lights that come on at dusk, dawn or low visibility times that cannot be over-ridden.

Bill Dailey

Boca Raton

Enormous costs

Regarding “Pinellas summit airs top issues for Hispanics” (Metro, Feb. 1): Sandra Lyth, CEO of the InterCultural Advocacy Institute, was quoted as saying, “To have a community where you have thousands of people who are not eligible for driver’s licenses and who speak a language that’s not English and they don’t feel like they’re welcome or belong here, ... we believe that is not good for the overall health of the community long-term.” Since, obviously, Lyth is referring to illegal immigrants, I can’t help but wonder what planet she is living on.

The cost to taxpayers for illegal immigration is enormous, in the form of education for illegal alien students and U.S.-born children of illegal aliens, uncompensated health care, law enforcement and criminal justice costs, and providing basic government services.

I would submit to Lyth that it is precisely those very people who are “not good for the overall health of the community”.

Sharon Godfrey

Pinellas Park

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