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Sunday, May 27, 2018
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Letters To The Editor

Letters to the editor: How to grow economy

How to grow the economy There are huge lessons to be learned from the recent article in the Tribune regarding U.S. drugmaker Perrigo Co. buying Ireland's Elan Corp. Perrigo announced it would be moving its tax residence from the U.S. to Ireland, thus reducing its corporate tax rate from 35 percent in the U.S. to 12.5 percent in Ireland. If the U.S. does not change its current system of a high corporate tax rate with generous tax credits to selected industries, then we are going to see more of these moves. It is also for the same reason that many U.S. corporations are not bringing home profits from foreign subsidiaries. The reason for corporate taxes is to raise money. The tax rate should be competitive with the rest of the world if we want to grow our economy. Our current tax rate is too high and hinders our much-needed growth.
It is not the responsibility of the federal government to pick winners and losers through tax credits. Eliminate the credits, lower the tax rate and watch our free economy blossom. For those who want to eliminate the tax credits and maintain the high rate because we need the money and the greedy corporations should be paying their fair share, I would remind them that you are not going to get something for nothing. All taxes are reflected in retail prices. To quote radio's Earl Pitts, "Wake up, America." Gary Worthley Land O' Lakes Tough times at parks Has city of Tampa parks and recreation maintenance been included in the recent sequester? It's summertime, and that means children are out of school, family might be in town to visit, and it's time for birthday parties and family reunions. What a great place to do these things - at the park! Some of the parks in Tampa have shelters, water fountains, gazebos and playground equipment, etc. It's a great place for a gathering, but not so much the past few months. My four favorite parks have been pretty empty lately, and I think the reason is that the grass is overgrown and that doesn't attract much of anything these days except mosquitoes, bugs and snakes. Gadson Park is a perfect example: several ballfields, newly sodded; a beautiful lake surrounded by pavement for runners, walkers and bicycling; two very large dog parks; and some newer playground equipment. It's a wonderful place to bring energetic children or dogs to burn off some energy, except you need a can of bug repellent per person to ward off the mosquitoes. Yes, we all know the mosquitoes are worse now than ever, but I do believe if the grass were cut more frequently and the ground could dry out some, there wouldn't be so much of a problem. My husband and I drove around a few parks the past few days. Gadson isn't the only problem. Take a look at Fred Ball Park, Al Lopez Park and Ballast Point. All have the same issues: overgrown grass and lacking humans. I understand budgets everywhere have been tightened up. However, I did hear recently that code enforcement has been given 30 days/seven days a week to get things cleaned up, and Lord knows we need that. But what about giving the same time frame to the folks who maintain the parks? My dogs used to enjoy their evening walks around the lake, but to be honest, as their owner, I don't enjoy taking a bath in bug spray just to take them. Kandi Byrd TampaA trustworthy service Regarding "Close doors to U.S. Postal Service" (Your Views, July 29): John Lallemand should know three things. First, mail carriers can serve several hundred boxes, and daily case several thousand pieces of mail. I'd like to see him do a repetitive sorting job 5,000 times day in and day out and never make a mistake. Second, not everyone in the world has a computer, and few could afford UPS, FedEx or DHL. Our postal service is one of the cheapest and most efficient in the world. Ask any Canadian. Many elderly people live for the mail delivery each day. Imagine a nursing home resident's smile upon receiving a card in the mail. Third, this fall the government's spy center in Utah will be online recording every phone conversation, email, financial transaction (the coffee you bought today at Starbucks using your debit card, for example), and anything else electronic. If you want any privacy, you should use the U.S. mail. Although they can scan the envelope, they can't scan the contents - yet. Mary Ballowe Seffner 'Genocidal risk' As an American Jew with friends and family residing in Israel, I would be pleased to see peace break out in the Middle East. I am at a loss, however, to understand why Israel should engage in any negotiations with terrorists under pressure from the United States, a country that funds the murder of Israeli citizens by Hamas and that is openly supportive of every terrorist regime in the region. It is unsurprising that the first item of substance to emerge from the alleged peace discussions is the requirement that Israel release hundreds of prisoners who murdered Israeli citizens. There is no reason for Israel to subject itself to genocidal risk so that John Kerry can join other empty suits such as Al Gore and Barack Obama as Nobel laureates, not to mention terrorists such as leftist idol Yasser Arafat. Jeffrey P. Meyer TampaHistoric playground Tampa's Bro Bowl needs to stay as is. We have changed many monuments that keep our history alive, and this "playground" is historic. There was once a Boys & Girls Club at the site that was removed. When I retired from Bank of America, there was a $50,000 donation in my name to develop a computer lab at the location. It was presented by our president at the time, Alex Sink. Where did it go? Let's keep the park for the youths who enjoy the environment, activity and friendships that we need more than ever. Joe Voskerichian TampaNew defense People think there are many loopholes in the "stand your ground" defense. Just wait, if the principles involved in the setup of attorney Charles Campbell Jr. get off without sanctions, after the investigation so far has them looking like certain liars, I'll anticipate the introduction of the "Oops, I forgot and can't remember" defense. David Lubin Tampa
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