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Monday, Jun 18, 2018
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Letters To The Editor

Letters to the editor: Honorable public servant

Honorable public servant

For more than four decades, Congressman C.W. Bill Young represented and served the people of Pinellas County well. Bay Pines VA Medical Center and MacDill Air Force Base benefited from his respect and dedication to the armed services. As a national legislative leader, Young sponsored a bill that created the National Marrow Donor Program in 1986. In 2005, the cord blood registry was added to the NMDP with his assistance.

His legislation has resulted in more than 10,000,000 registrants and 55,000 transplants for leukemia, lymphoma and blood disorder patients.

Florida and the U.S.A. have lost an honorable public servant.

My condolences to the Young family.

Bob Wise


He didn’t seek glory

As a Democrat, I didn’t always agree with U.S. Rep. C.W. Bill Young. Nevertheless, his dedication and unrelenting service to our nation, as well as the state of Florida, was for selfless reasons. While striving to help make America a better place, Young was not seeking out glory. It’s no wonder he was the longest-serving Republican in Congress, with a political career spanning 53 years.

Indeed, this powerhouse of a man will sorely be missed. And in his absence Young will leave big shoes to fill.

JoAnn Lee Frank


Child’s play

I have some advice for young people aspiring to serve in Congress. Forget about spending your money on expensive law degrees, political science degrees, debate classes, etc. Simply become highly proficient at the childhood game of “Kick the Can.”

As evidenced by our current members of Congress, you will be highly qualified!

Art Schultz


Citizens’ program

Congratulations to Jan Platt for long supporting Hillsborough County’s environment.

The Jan K. Platt Environmental Acquisition and Protection Program was created by the people for the people through their votes to tax themselves. Therefore, ELAPP’s “name” should emphasize a citizen’s voter name.

The program is supported by an ELAPP committee of voters that nominates Hillsborough County lands for acquisition. Hillsborough supports this committee through parks and recreation, but ELAPP is controlled by citizens. Therefore, thanks go to all citizens of Hillsborough for supporting an essential program that saves and protects the county’s environment.

Capt. Gus Muench


No skin in game

The ancient Romans had a policy regarding the engineers and construction workers who built bridges: They had to dwell for a period of time under those bridges after they became operational. In short, they had skin in the game.

The Obamacare website collapses under a fraction of the load handled daily in a fast and efficient manner by Amazon, E-Bay and dozens of other websites. Those free enterprise websites offer great prices, wide choice and fast service. The government’s Obamacare offers higher prices and lower services, except for those who designed it. One is capitalism with entrepreneur’s money at stake; the other is progressive socialism with the taxpayer’s money at stake.

We shouldn’t trust anything offered by those who have no skin in the game.

John Cooley


First impressions count

Very few residents of Sun City Center are aware the site plan and building plan being finalized for the new information/visitors center has the entrance and parking for the building facing the parking lot of the arts and crafts building and the rear of the building facing Pebble Beach Boulevard. Additionally, there will be a wall between the rear of the building and Pebble Beach. The board of directors favors this plan because they do not want our new center to look like a “shopping center.”

The whole purpose of new information/visitors center is to present the best possible impression to new people coming to our community. The corner of Pebble Beach and Cherry Hills is a highly visible gateway location for the central campus. The center should be the most impressive building in our whole complex! It should have an attractive, highly visible entrance that says “WELCOME.”

I have submitted a proposed site plan to all the directors and officers of the board that proposes the following: Use the proposed building plan but with the front of the building (the most attractive feature) facing the intersection of Pebble Beach and Cherry Hills. The rear of the building would face Swan Lake. Parking would be on the Pebble Beach side of the center. Visitors cars rarely occupy more than three spaces. Access to the parking lot would be off Cherry Hills as currently planned. This plan would serve to make the very best first impression to new visitors to our community.

If you do not want our board to make a 50-year mistake, call them and let your voice be heard.

Don Schang

Sun City Center

Bush no education leader

The way the Tribune advertises Jeb Bush as the education leader is beyond me. I have watched how Jeb has used public education to get elected in Florida. I have watched how he has used public education to show weaknesses beyond the control of public education. I have watched him finagle to get bills passed to fight teacher unions that protect teachers. I have watched him use a test (FCAT), which was not designed to measure overall achievement of students, to put down teachers and make public education look weaker than it really is. Jeb Bush is by no means a pro-education leader.

Agnes Murphy


Weather Center