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Monday, Apr 23, 2018
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Letters To The Editor

Letters to the editor: Hand shake with Castro no big deal

Shake a hand

Now that the website is working better, it appears the hate-Obama forces have a new cause. The president shook hands with the second-most evil man in the world, Raul Castro (Fidel, of course, is No. 1). So what. Is this the first president to shake the hand of the leader of a repressive and non-democratic country? Is there something that makes Castro different from countless dictators who have shaken the hands of countless presidents? Yes. Only Cuba has hundreds of thousands immigrants who put political pressure on Congress to isolate Cuba from the U.S. Our embargo will not bring about change in Cuba. That must come from within. Until we are ready to treat the other dictators the way we treat Castro, stop the hypocrisy and the hate and deal with the real world. Shake a hand. Let us buy cigars and rum. Allow travel. These will do so much more to help Cuba break the hold of the evil empire.

Carl L. Zielonka


VA deserves praise

Regarding “They can’t even fix the VA, but they’re forcing Obamacare on us?” (Other Views, Dec. 11): The writer says the VA delivers “substandard care,” which is highly disputable from millions of veterans like me who have received excellent and timely care and do not feel we have been underserved by this free VA health care system (the largest in the world.) The writer is confusing the VBA (Veterans Benefit Administration that processes all claims for compensation) with the VHA (Veterans Health Administration), which performs millions of health care services every day.

David S. Reed


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