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Saturday, May 26, 2018
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Letters To The Editor

Letters to the editor: Greed behind immigration reform

Immigration greed

So urgent, we had to hear it twice to sink in, “A conservative plea for immigration reform” on May 15 and May 25. According to Al Cardenas, we need immigration reform because it is unfair to the millions of people who came into this country illegally. To make it fair, we need to allow them to become citizens, bring their families in, provide them taxpayer-funded benefits, and open our H1B Visa program to bring in even more foreign workers to fill STEM jobs. Is Cardenas not aware that we have had record unemployment for the last five years and have had millions of jobs shipped overseas in the last 25 years? Yearly we have 50 percent more STEM graduates than we have jobs for, and now have thousands of returning military veterans hunting for jobs. We have a numbers problem in this country — too few jobs and too many job seekers.

What I think is behind this urgency is pure greed of our business leaders. When they use the comment “low-skilled workers provide services that American workers are no longer willing to fill” as a reason to import labor, they are deceiving us by omitting the rest of the sentence — which is completed with “at minimum wage.” Why else would Jay Timmons, CEO of the National Association of Manufacturers, comment this month that there are 600,000 manufacturing jobs that they want to fill with foreign workers? These same leaders spend billions to lobby Congress for tax breaks and bailouts, knowing that the American worker will be left to cough up more taxes to cover them, yet want to shove the same workers to the unemployment line when foreigners become available to work for lower wages. It’s time we did what is fair for our military veterans, our college graduates, and the millions of unemployed American workers, and stop allowing the greed of the powerful to destroy our middle and lower class by what is proposed in the current immigration reform plans.

Brian Lambert


No accountability

Harry Truman, my favorite Democrat, said “The buck stops here.” When will this president accept responsibility for his administration — his managers and their failings? He says that he discovers each scandal in the press and “is angered and will fix it.” Fast & Furious, IRS, NSA, Obamacare, Benghazi and now the VA.

This unseasoned, community organizer who possesses zero business, management, military, foreign affairs or economic experience prefers to deflect blame and issue idle promises of correction. He rightly believes that the media will continue to support him as long as he glibly delivers soaring, existential speeches. Does anyone believe that a CEO at IBM or any other multi-national corporation, given these circumstances, would have been tolerated for even six months, let alone five-and-half years? Lead, follow or get out of the way.

Dan Roberts

Sun City Center

Quick release

Allow me, as a member of the common sense party, to quickly solve the problem of Sgt. Andrew Tahmooressi, who is being held captive in Mexico, and ensure his quick release. First, no Americans will be allowed to cross into Mexico. Second, there won’t be any products allowed to be imported into America. That includes fruit, vegetables, cars, tequila, etc. Lastly, this will include oil. We all have to sacrifice and stand together to protect our fellow Americans from the Mexican government. This is just another reason to be energy self-dependent. I think the Mexican government would cave very quickly, and if not, too bad for them. They need us more than we need them. I know it’s hard not to buy products from certain countries, but it’s not hard to not go to them. Mexico will never see a dime of my vacation money, ever; the damage is done. I hope all Americans follow my lead.

James Molloy

Pinellas Park

NRA bullies

As Leonard Pitts concluded in his recent article, “enough is enough!” It is my experience that there is strength in numbers. Americans must stand up to the NRA and not back down. When confronted by large groups, bullies will back down. Every one of us should be in touch with our Congress members by phone, by letter and by gathering together in groups to be heard from one end of America to the other. And, yes, invite the media to attend these gatherings. We must have sensible gun laws. We must have background checks. Our children’s lives depend on us.

Sheila Schwartzman


Austin’s passing

I think Al Austin deserved a large “above the fold” front-page honor. The last time a great Republican was on the top of the front page was when Bill Young passed away. Surely Austin improved the economy of Hillsborough County enough to garner this honor. Thank you for the article regarding his life.

C.A. Starnes

Plant City

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