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Sunday, Apr 22, 2018
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Letters To The Editor

Letters to the editor: Good signal in Pinellas

Good signal in Pinellas

“Riders make case for Greenlight” (Our Views, Aug. 3) is enlightening! Bus ridership in Pinellas is up; is revenue up, too? If so, the case for increasing taxes to fund a train to Clearwater is flawed. On the contrary, it is a signal that bus transit can work.

We should be following the lead of Cleveland by implementing a rapid transit bus to Clearwater from St. Pete. A similar line should be investigated from the Pinellas transit center at Park Place Mall, along Ulmerton Road, across the bridge to the Hillsborough Transit Center, connecting to the elevated people mover to Tampa International Airport. Even cars will benefit with rapid transit bus lines, as the traffic lights become synchronized and drivers hit all greens when obeying the speed limit.

These rapid transit bus lines cost one-eighth of urban rail and can be built much quicker than in 10 years. Our visitors will also rejoice at the expanded transit options as they enter the region by arriving at the airport.

With successful rapid transit bus lines, the critics of enhanced mass transit will become converts and, if we follow the lead of other regions, a successful public/private coalition can be formed to finance elevated rail along those routes.

I hope for the day when someone can voice support for enhanced mass transit and opposition to the proposed urban train without being maligned and ridiculed. In fact, lost in all this contentious debate is how some regions like Philadelphia have added a very slight regional gas tax to help fund its excellent mass transit system there. Why aren’t we being informed of this and other funding approaches? I rest my case.

Jeannie Cline

St. Petersburg

Message to president

The U. S. House of Representatives finally passed a bill that will send a strong message to Barack Obama that he cannot use his phone and pen to make his own immigration laws. Obama overstepped his constitutional authority by beginning new policies in 2011 to stop deporting most illegal aliens who weren’t violent criminals. After Obama received no resistance from Congress, in 2012 he issued administrative amnesty to nearly all younger illegal aliens brought here by their parents. Congress sat silent as House Republican leaders refused to allow the House to oppose Obama’s unilateral amnesty actions.

If the bill becomes law, it would prevent Obama from using funds to issue any more work permits to illegal aliens without congressional approval. The president of the United States does not have the authority to issue mass numbers of work permits to illegal aliens so they can compete for jobs with American workers. The bill would also prevent Obama from issuing a renewal of the two-year deferred deportation to the younger illegal aliens whose initial two-year amnesty is coming to an end this year.

H. R. 5272 would provide several hundred million dollars to help respond to the surge of Central American children crossing our border, but it will bar anything that deals with Obama’s promises of amnesty that have been enticing these parents to send their children to the United States.

There is only one person to blame for this crisis, and his name is Barack Obama.

Betty Dobson


Voter identification

Election season is upon us, and most certainly the issue of voter discrimination and disenfranchisement will be in the news again. The question of whether to let a person without proper identification vote always seems a matter of huge debate. Some say it is just too difficult for many people to travel to a place to obtain a proper photo ID. A simple solution is to have digital cameras and digital fingerprinters on hand at the polling places. When a person shows up to vote without proper photo identification, it would only take a few seconds to take a digital picture and digital fingerprint of that individual which could later be processed to verify the person’s identity by checking various existing government databases. In the meantime, that person could vote provisionally.

Once verification of identity is confirmed, the picture ID with fingerprint attached could be sent to the person as proof of identity for voting in subsequent elections.

Ted Waronicki


Amazing kindness

Thank you, Tampa Tribune, for publishing the heart-warming story of Tampa Bay’s own Helen Rosburg’s rescue of Lady, the aging Labrador retriever in Kansas. The horrific experience Lady experienced was mitigated when Ms. Rosburg stepped in to make sure Lady would be cared for and loved. I have since read of her many rescues.

It is a privilege to have such an extraordinary philanthropist here in our community.

God bless you, Ms. Rosburg and Lady. On behalf of the many animal lovers in this area, we thank you for your amazing kindness

Sydney Montgomery Bell


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