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Thursday, Apr 26, 2018
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Letters To The Editor

Letters to the editor: Good for the economy

Good for the economy

A letter writer in your Nov. 27 edition (“Government glut,” Your Views) decries the fact that “the top five employers in Hillsborough County are all government or quasi-government entities” and claims how much better it would be to have these be private enterprise employers instead. For clarification, several of these top employers include MacDill, USF, Hillsborough County and Tampa International Airport. Obviously, the writer is somewhat misleading by inferring that this is an example of government bloat that is bad for our economy. Further, it’s clear that not many counties include a major military command headquarters, an international airport, a major university or the largest county government in the state.

Personally, I am very glad to have these government/quasi-government employers in our county and think most impartial indicators would show they all do a great job and provide very necessary services to our citizens and our local economy. I say they should all be appreciated and supported!

Don Hinderliter

Sun City Center

Pot not medicine

In reference to “Lighting Up — the pros and cons of the medical pot debate” (Views, Nov. 24), I find it absurd that John Morgan has the gall to claim that his initiative is not about getting high but rather about helping the “truly sick.” What he calls “medical marijuana” is not special marijuana. It is nothing more than street pot that contains contaminants such as pesticides, fertilizers and fungi — hardly a substance that is safe for the truly sick.

Marijuana is addictive and has been linked to harms such as cancer, schizophrenia and other mental illnesses, and respiratory diseases. It has also been shown to suppress the immune system, something that is not needed by the truly sick.

Morgan’s proposed amendment is not the right thing for Florida and should be rejected. The truly sick deserve real medicine, not to be used as pawns by people such as Morgan to further an agenda of making an intoxicating, harmful weed more accessible and socially acceptable.

Calvina Fay

St. Petersburg

The writer is executive director of the Drug Free America Foundation Inc.

All about getting high

Regarding “Lighting up”: Having spent 30 years in law enforcement and more than 20 years teaching DUI classes, I have done my share of homework on the legalization of pot issue. I submit that attorney John Morgan and Sheriff David Gee are both missing the point.

Marijuana, like all drugs, has side effects, and if the medicinal argument was anywhere as strong as Morgan implies, it would have been a windfall in the health care industry in California, where this drug has been legal for medicinal reasons for many years. It is all about getting “high,” and if the “high” were taken out of the equation, the argument would evaporate.

What will happen if “any” form of legalization is authorized? The same thing that happened in other states — more children will be using the drug. It lowers the IQ in children with still developing brains. It also freezes the intellectual level and diminishes the learning curve.

What we are witnessing is America slowly but surely making it legal to become addicted to another drug.

Jerry Burgin


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