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Thursday, Apr 26, 2018
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Letters To The Editor

Letters to the editor: ‘Gay lifestyle’?

‘Gay lifestyle’?

Regarding “Disney’s gay agenda is disturbing” (Douglas MacKinnon, Metro, Aug. 12):

I am totally disgusted that The Tribune published this biased piece. It was not published on the editorial page; it was on the front page of the Metro section. MacKinnon’s inappropriate slamming of a great organization sickens me.

I have not been to Disney World in many years, but I have seen the Disney Channel and, regardless of what MacKinnon thinks, I have not noticed any “indoctrination” of children into the “gay lifestyle,” whatever that is.

With many friends, both gay and straight, I do not know what a “gay lifestyle” is. I find all my friends to live pretty much the same way. They go to work, pay their bills, try to maintain their homes and enjoy a movie or dinner out. They dress just like you and I and work hard to support their loved ones — parents, siblings, children, spouses, etc. Please have MacKinnon explain what a “gay lifestyle” is.

I am not the only one who is disgusted by this article that was published in what is supposed to be a “news”paper. Unfortunately this article — not editorial — glaringly proclaims the Tribune as an opinion rag, not a newspaper.

This was so wrong!

Susan W. Long


Great addition

Adding Douglas MacKinnon’s articles to The Tribune is very encouraging. Thanks. It’s the first thing I read.

Eric Ralle


Such a bore

Get rid of Douglas MacKinnon’s columns. His hate-filled rants are boring.

Roger Mcallister


Just ignore him

In response to all these people who write that they don’t like Douglas MacKinnon’s views: Don’t read them. Ever since he came on the job he has been controversial. That is what they hired him to do. It sells the paper. Right now he is sitting back, smoking a cigar, grinning from ear to ear, saying “Gotcha!”

Sharon Jones

Dade City

Unfriendly neighborhood

Regarding “The real criminals” (Your Views, Aug. 9): The writer would be well served to research Gaza history. Israel has returned territory (Gaza) that it acquired during conflicts (Six Day War, previously administered by Egypt). It did not have to do this. In 2005 Israel ended its military occupation of Gaza and went so far as to dismantle settlements by removing 9,000 Israeli citizens by force. Due to security concerns emanating by the poor choice of their leaders, such as Hamas, PLO, etc., Israel has maintained sea and air control and set up checkpoints. They have no other choice since the Palestinian leadership has rewarded them with continued deadly attacks.

Israel is a small country the size of New Jersey with no fallback position, as they are in an unfriendly neighborhood. If the Palestinians would get a government that wants peace and uses the huge amounts of aid for good purposes, peace could be achieved. Fat chance of that happening.

Paul Cotter


A Tampa treasure

Your editorial concerning retired judge E.J. Salcines (“Well-deserved plaudits for Salcines,” Our Views, Aug. 9) was right on target, with the exception of a few other accomplishments of this great man. Every feat he accomplished as a man of the law pales in comparison to the person he is when it comes to friends and family. His parents were pioneers in West Tampa and set the tone early in his life. His wife, Elsa, was and is the pillar of strength behind this man. His two daughters continue to flourish in their respective careers, along with their own families, all because they had such an incredible example at home. I have been proud to call E.J. my friend for some 35 years and can attest that he is an individual who understands that to have a friend you must be a friend. His humility is like no other; he’s never left his West Tampa roots. Thank you, E.J., for being the icon that you are. You are a true Tampa treasure.

Simon Canasi


Ground the fliers

Here is a notice to all the politicians inundating my mailbox with their slick fliers: They don’t even make it into my house. They immediately go to my recycling bin to be seen by no one. Stop filling my voicemail with your recorded messages that always seem to come in around the dinner hour. My delete key works very well, and it is pressed as soon as I hear your voice! Stop putting your fliers around my front door. I can think for myself. Got it?

Linda Brown


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