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Saturday, May 19, 2018
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Letters To The Editor

Letters to the editor: Gangster/thug mentality

Amateur professionals

I thought that maybe I was just imagining things until I checked social media sites such as Twitter, Facebook, etc. The display of a gangster/thug mentality in Sunday’s game between the Panthers and the 49ers was so over the top that I noticed more folks talking about that than the plays on the field. It’s not a race thing (see Walter Payton, Warrick Dunn, Ronde Barber and a few thousand other respected people who played the game and happen to be black).

I also noticed almost nothing in the official accounts of the game. I can tell you this: If this keeps happening and nobody says much about it in the national media, you can be sure to lose a large swath of folks from being involved in the game.

The more I review that game and the actions of players on both teams, the more I want to walk away from it. Throw in the poor performance of the refs and the over-the-top rules about how to tackle the QB, and still more folks will leave the stands and turn the TV to something else. To top if all off, at the end of the broadcast they were conducting an interview with the winning QB, and he had his hat in a position on his head that made him look like he was on his way to a gang meeting in East LA. Never seen such an amateur account of a professional football game.

Bill Mattull


Gender equality/inequality

I note with dismay the intersection of two recent stories. The first has to do with the relative strength and fitness of male and female U.S. Marines, specifically in their ability to do a minimum number of pull-ups. The second has to do with the Olympics and the press to be inclusive of all. My point is that even the Olympic committee recognizes that men perform physically differently than women. And even in events such as shooting, figure skating and diving, where form and skill count heavily in scoring, there are separate competitions.

It is disturbing to think that our leaders are so bent on satisfying progressive cultural concepts that they bend to the shrill cries for equality in every aspect of our lives, even the defense of our country. There are appropriate activities for women to serve. Ground forces are not one of those.

Irwin Schuster


More important than traffic

So an aide to N.J. Gov. and Republican Chris Christie caused a traffic jam, and the liberal press is all over it.

Imagine if they paid as much attention to finding out what happened in Benghazi or the targeting of certain conservative groups by the IRS.

To me, learning about what caused Americans to die in an overseas embassy or the abuse of the IRS for political gain is much more important.

Christie immediately fired the aide responsible. President Obama never fired the head of the IRS — he eventually resigned.

And as far as the Benghazi investigation is concerned, Hillary Clinton doesn’t think it makes any difference at this time, and it seems the president is OK with that.

Dave Mullan


Tampa and Tunisia

I agree wholeheartedly with John Bettini, who states that the three-letter airport code for Tampa International Airport is TPA (“It’s ‘TPA,’ ” Your Views, Jan. 10).

Twice I have tried booking a flight from TIA to JFK or LGA, only to be told that “there are no direct flights from Tunisia international airport to NY.”

Tampa is TPA! I hope you find this as funny as I did.

Mike Grab

Spring Hill

Check it at state line

Regarding “N.Y. feeding Florida growth” (front page, Jan. 12):

I have lived in several states across the country. I get upset when folks move from one state to another to escape high taxes, crazy political environments, lack of jobs, etc., and then complain and try to change the political structure of their new state to what they just escaped from. As examples, I cite Californians moving to Colorado and Texas, as well as what the Tribune mentions — the possibility that an influx of New Yorkers might turn Florida more “blue.”

I would like to point out to New Yorkers moving here that we function very well without adopting a Northeast liberal philosophy, the exception being the three Democratic counties in the farthest southeastern part of the state that have high concentrations of folks from the Northeast. These counties just cannot seem to get election results right.

In general, we must be doing something right since we are attracting all these folks from up north to Florida. I would highly suggest that New Yorkers moving to Florida check their progressive, pro-union, anti-gun and high-tax mentality at the New York state line.

I would like to cite a sign I saw hanging on the wall of a business in Houston, Texas, in the early 1980s when there was an influx of people from Michigan to Texas looking for jobs in the oil patch because of a depressed U.S. auto market:

“We don’t care how you did it up North.”

Al Zlobik


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