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Saturday, Jun 23, 2018
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Letters To The Editor

Letters to the editor: Gandy Boulevard overpass needed

Gandy overpass needed

We must prepare now in case of an evacuation of the Tampa Bay area due to a hurricane. Existing highways will not handle the load. An elevated highway along Gandy Boulevard will provide an additional escape.

Studies indicate that traffic congestion along Gandy will increase from 42,000 to more than 48,000 vehicles a day by 2015. The study reported that by building the overpass, traffic on Gandy would decrease by 14 percent, or down to 36,000 vehicles a day.

We now have the opportunity for Gandy to become a unique shopping area with restaurants, stores and shops that local residents want to visit.

Gandy is a gateway into Tampa that needs to change. The economy is recovering, and people are again moving into South Tampa. We need to prepare today for that change.

Richard L. Joyner


Don’t bomb Syria

Syrian President Bashar Assad is no doubt a bad guy by anyone’s definition. He apparently uses ricin or sarin gas on his own citizens to make his point.

Our response is to “send him a message” by killing more people with our missiles. Question: Are people any less dead from a cruise missile in their living room as opposed to the deadly gas? I think not, and that’s reason enough for us to stay home and keep out of the Middle East.

If we only plan to “send him a message,” perhaps we could just write a letter.

Henry Conrad

Plant City

Syria no U.S. threat

If the president strikes Syria without congressional approval, I think we should impeach him.

We have no strategical interests there. There is no imminent threat to us, and they are fighting a civil war.

They have crossed the president’s red line before, and he did nothing. Now that the rest of the world is calling him a coward he wants to give them a little strike. Well, you don’t start a war because you have lost face: and that is exactly what it is, a war.

If Syria were to give us a little strike in D.C., New York City or anywhere in the U.S., don’t think for one second that we wouldn’t consider that an act of war.

Atrocities happen all over this world, but we don’t start a war over them. We are not the world’s police force.

Cindy Conti

Apollo Beach

Another way in Syria

There has to be another way. Ask the rebels to stand down. If the Syrian government continues to fight, the rebels can appeal to the U.N. for military assistance. Following a ceasefire, the U.N. can form a commission led by Russia, Turkey and China to negotiate a government of national reconciliation.

Steve Lucas

Sun City Center

Scout stand supported

I am proud of Holy Trinity Presbyterian Church in Tampa and any other church that faithfully upholds the word of God. A shepherd of any church is to lead, feed, nurture, correct and protect, which I believe is exactly what this pastor is trying to do.

I realize we are to love the sinner but hate the sin, and believe that is what is being preached in his church in hopes that one would repent from this sin so that this person will not face damnation in the end before God.

Churches that preach only what is comfortable and not the truth are considered in the Bible as “lukewarm” churches and the Father has said very clearly they will be held accountable in the end. This pastor, it seems, is upholding the word of God in obedience to his Father and not condoning sin but addressing it.

R. Leslie

Plant City

Don’t legalize pot

With the government running millions of dollars in ads against smoking, why legalize the smoking of drugs and create a further burden on the health care system in America? It surely is not a good influence on our youths to legalize drugs. You have the MADD folks doing all they can to stop drunken driving and now we promote a nation full of mindless people wanting to drive while being legally high?

It is another agenda being shoved down our throats. Can you see why our nation is in a moral and physical decline?

Kelly Langston

St. Petersburg

Pre-determined primary

The “power brokers” have chosen their candidate to represent District 36 in Pasco County. These power-hungry groups are throwing money into the race to get their way (like a bully). Money is no object. I hope the voters in this district see this power grab (coronation) for what it is, and elect a candidate who will represent the people of Pasco County, not a puppet of the “money changers.”

Douglas MacPherson

Wesley Chapel

Hang up the phone

Last week my husband was in a “right turn only” lane at Kennedy and Westshore boulevards. It was clear to make the turn but the person in front of him wasn’t moving. Finally, my husband blew his horn.

After making the turn, the man angrily shook his phone and yelled “Can’t you see I was on my phone?”

The audacity to suggest that my husband was wrong for abiding by the rules of road and that he should have been more courteous is one of the more idiotic behaviors happening with condoning phone use in a car.

Laws should be written to ban use of all equipment that doesn’t have anything to do with driving a car.

Mary Easterly


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