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Thursday, Apr 26, 2018
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Letters To The Editor

Letters to the editor: Gaming the system

Gaming the system

So Sen. Rand Paul thinks that Caterpillar ought to get an award for being a great business, even if that greatness comes from cheating the system. Well, I can’t say that since the system is designed to benefit good cheaters. This is not the morally traditional way to run a good business, but this country now survives on lying and finding ways around doing what is right.

I’ll just bet there is a campaign contribution in there somewhere with CAT on the signature line.

James Jones


Measuring success

I needed to respond to “Report on kids, race finds success ‘crisis’ ’’ (Nation & World, April 2). I am concerned about what this article, which is about the “Race for Results” report, says about race. Is it implying that our educational system and educators are racist and are only teaching Asian and white children successfully? Is it implying that parents are to blame for teen dropouts and unmarried and underage sex possibly resulting in the creation of life? Is it saying that a dropout (John D. Rockefeller Sr., a billionaire) or a young person with a child cannot be successful?

This is a ridiculous concept. We are using racial data captured at birth to adulthood to determine success. Am I the only one scared by this intrusion of privacy? I am sorry, but nothing in my life can be measured with data, especially the successes. I also find it very insulting that the Annie E. Casey Foundation believes that any person’s successes could be measured by 12 indicators. At any point was individual desire accounted for?

We live in a country where anything is possible. That includes determining our own measure of success. I guess that is lost on this foundation, which obviously believes it knows what makes for a successful person better than us. Somehow tying successes to race has made this data important. So much for teaching our children to be color blind and that we are all created equal and judged on our own actions and character. For that matter, so much for determining what makes each of us an individual and determining our own happiness and successes.

CB Simmons

Plant City

Another progressive dream

Regarding “Nudge us, if need be, but not voting shouldn’t be an option” by Thomas Geoghegan, a Chicago labor lawyer and self-confessed liberal (Other Views, March 29): I can only try to figure out how he comes to such erroneous conclusions. He begins with the Sunstein “nudge us” principle, which is, in fact, in use in Belgium, where my in-laws reside. Under the One Continent Government of the EU, the people they vote for are so far removed from the voters and offer so little choice the people simply respond by not voting. A similar situation exists in the U.S., where often the choice between two candidates is minimal or nonexistent.

This “opinion” is all about control, and progressives always have a ready answer to every problem they create. I would not like to see our voting numbers rise if those who vote don’t know for whom or what they are voting. When Geoghegan opines on the idea that the Constitution is “broken,” he does not tell us how or where. The reason we have a Bill of Rights in the Constitution is because some of the founders fought to prevent a Constitution with no written Bill of Rights being ratified.

We now have Obamacare, with a “mandatory” clause that penalizes those who don’t want or need health coverage. The idea that making voting “mandatory” is just another progressive dream that allows them to run our country, our lives and our destinies. Postscript: The tea party was invited to Europe several years ago. The Europeans wanted to find out what “hometown Americans” were doing to regain their liberties and reduce the size of government.

Jack K. Keates


A vote for a liberal

Regarding “Thanks, Jeb” (Your Views, March 30): Nancy Fogle stated she is a conservative but that if Jeb Bush is the conservative candidate she will do a write-in candidate. Well, that’s not too smart. A write-in would be like a vote for the liberal. Do you really think that’s the better choice? A better choice would be to vote for the Republican candidate, no matter who it is, to stop what has been going on for the past six years.

Robert Van Istendal

Spring Hill

No correlation

Regarding “Hypocrisy?” (Your Views, March 31): I wonder what Robert Beatty’s position would be if Russia says it wants Alaska back or France rethinks the Louisiana Purchase. In my view, Crimea has no correlation with Guantanamo. We have been leasing the area from Cuba since the early 1900s, but since Castro, they haven’t cashed our checks.

Anthony Romano


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