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Monday, May 21, 2018
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Letters To The Editor

Letters to the editor: FSU rape case should be reopened

Reopen rape case

My grandson will register for college somewhere in Florida next fall, and unless the state’s attorney general reopens the investigation into the alleged rape case involving Heisman Trophy winner Jameis Winston I would hope my grandson would remove FSU from consideration.

To put the blame on the victim because she was an alleged underage bar attendee is no defense at all. Underage drinking on school campuses is probably the norm, not the exception. One solution might be for bars to have adequate safeguards to eliminate underage drinking. Easier said than done? Probably, but it’s still no defense in the case of an aggravated rape case. Do what’s right Attorney General Pam Bondi and clear the dark cloud that hangs over the state.

Don Hoyem


Probe mishandled

Heisman Trophy winner Jameis Winston forgot to mention in his acceptance speech to thank the Tallahassee Police Department and state attorney’s office for their cooperation. There’s no doubt about Jameis Winston’s star ability on the football field. His off-the-field reputation is another story that time will tell. The he-said, she-said investigation was poorly handled. An independent investigation needs to be initiated by Attorney General Pam Bondi.

R.R. Brown


Marked for life

Frankly I am tired of media writers becoming sole judge and jury of others on nothing but their own misguided assumptions. After a thorough investigation by the state’s authorities, Florida State University student and football player Jameis Winston still has been found guilty by insinuation by Tribune columnist Martin Fennelly. With his remarks, Fennelly has marked this young man with his suspicions for the rest of his life. By putting it on the front page, many readers and others might not accept the fact that Winston has been cleared completely.

Don Prosser


TIA deal pales

Regarding “TIA cleared for takeoff” (Our Views, Dec. 16): Before we all don Panama hats and dance the conga around Tampa International Airport over a few new Copa flights, TIA CEO Joe Lopano might have some explaining to do. Although TIA’s brass has been patting themselves on the back over Copa, TIA’s largest operator, Southwest Airlines, has begun work on a $300 million international terminal at Fort Lauderdale. The new Copa flights seem to pale in significance when compared to TIA’s major loss to Fort Lauderdale on the international level.

Robert Dienes


Failing the poor

What if Rick Scott had not been elected governor of Florida? Perhaps the $51 billion dollars that was not used to expand Medicaid in Florida would have reached the state’s working poor. And perhaps if he helped the Affordable Care Act get off the ground in Florida, like Kentucky, New York and other states did, the process of insuring people would have gone more smoothly. Navigators were needed to help sign people up, and this would have created more jobs. A sorry excuse for a governor.

Betty Dean


Stop whining

Regarding “Thanks for Obamacare plug, Sen. Rubio” by Charlie Crist (Other Views, Dec. 14): The Affordable Care Act isn’t affordable except for those who don’t pay for their own health care and don’t pay federal income taxes. Charlie Crist can now join the rest of the whiny liberals on MSNBC pseudo-news programs complaining about how Republicans block Democratic appointments and spending. They never mention how to pay for it all except to talk about taxing the rich.

Democrats need to learn that a law is something Congress passes and the president signs or doesn’t sign. It isn’t something that Congress passes and the president changes to fit his agenda just as it isn’t something that Marco Rubio or I get to change because it fits our agenda.

Terry Larson


Mall nightmare

After attending a graduation ceremony at USF we drove to the Westfield Brandon Mall for lunch. We had to wait more than an hour at the Cheesecake Factory for a table of eight. Afterward, in trying to leave the mall, we witnessed the most selfish, reckless display of driving we have ever seen. People were cutting off other drivers, driving over curbs, driving the wrong way on one-way lanes, making illegal U-turns, yelling and cussing at other drivers, running stop signs and going straight through turn lanes, getting out of their cars and blocking traffic. It was a terrible display of human behavior and road rage. I will never return to the Brandon mall.

Stephen Michaelis

Ormond Beach

Thanks, paper carriers

We will again send a Christmas card and a gratuity tip to our newspaper carrier, but I think it would be nice to publicly acknowledge them for the work they do. We always tip the wait staff and others who do less than a third of the service for us that these people do. This year we’ve gotten our paper on time every time no matter the weather, and we really appreciate it. They must have to get up very, very early to get this job done, and we should all appreciate people who hold down jobs and do them well rather than asking for hand-outs, so thank you to our carrier and to all of them at the Tribune.

Meg Scott

Plant City

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