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Monday, Jun 18, 2018
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Letters To The Editor

Letters to the editor: Foreign invasion

Foreign invasion

Has Washington lost its mind? Americans are begging Washington to stop a foreign invasion going on at our southern border. Drug cartels are exploiting this crisis by recruiting gangs, transporting terrorists and distributing drugs. Meanwhile, the Border Patrol is babysitting, and Washington is fiddling. If Congress was doing its job it would send in military forces to combat this total collapse of law and order that is being intensified by drug cartels.

Drug cartels are terrorists and illegal combatants who threaten the safety and well-being of the USA and its citizens. The Constitution states the U.S. shall guarantee to every state in the union protection against invasion and provide for the common defense and general welfare. Congress, however, has become deaf, mute and dumb to our calls for help.

We may no longer have a representative government of the people and by the people but rather a government of corrupt politicians.

Mara Jask


Help us help others

I wish to request that you seriously consider running a new column one day each week to help all the people who wish to donate to worthy causes. An old St. Pete newspaper ran a column that was read and used by men and women across Pinellas and Pasco counties. It was called Readers Exchange. There were many followers of this column. It could even be called “Giving A Helping Hand.” Groups like us were able to call or email a request that was then randomly placed in the newspaper. People offered items free to those in need and provided contact information.

People have a need to clean out closets or are planning on moving away and are very willing to give and sometimes even deliver their donations. We are the [email protected] bay.rr.com, and we are located in Palm Harbor. We make lap robes for our Bay Pines veterans, hospice and a few local nursing homes, along with hats and boots for our local preemie babies, mittens for children in Maine and boot liners for our servicemen.

We have been finding it almost impossible to let people know how desperate we are for donations of acrylic yarn to allow us to continue making and donating to these needy and appreciative people. This is also true of many other groups in Pinellas and Pasco that offer their skills and time. Please help us help others.

Carol Ann

St. Petersburg

The writer is a member of Needle Art Social.

Self-inflicted wound

The statement made by former Buccaneers and Colts coach Tony Dungy regarding openly gay football player Michael Sam is indeed homophobic. Nevertheless, Dungy has a right to his small-minded view. But then again, Dungy should know that life is full of distractions and is never totally smooth. Whether a football player or any sports player is gay or straight, things will happen. In any case, the only person Dungy appears to be hurting is himself.

JoAnn Lee Frank


The lesser of two evils

I have been registered to vote since I was 18. Every election, whether primary or general, I have been an informed and objective voter. I have been able to cut through the campaign rhetoric and vote based on fact, disregarding emotional opinion. Now I am 59 and find myself in the sad position of being completely apathetic about the upcoming election between Gov. Rick Scott and, presumably, former Gov. Charlie Crist. Although they represent opposing political parties and platforms, both have disturbing similarities. Neither has an enviable record in office. Neither has the good of the people at heart. Neither has anything on their plates except their personal agenda. They only seem to be able to point out each other’s flaws and follies without giving me anything concrete and positive to sway me in their direction.

So, for me, the governor’s race will boil down to one simple decision: I, and many other Floridians, will simply choose the one who is the lesser of two evils. We’ll hope the one elected doesn’t do us too great a disservice during their next term in office.

Patricia Lee-Lucardie


Candidate response

Regarding “Picks in Pinellas House primaries” (Our Views, July 26):

Although I may not be the most “polished” candidate in the race, I am the most qualified. I am an Ivy League-educated tax attorney who grew up in Palm Harbor. I returned here to open my law firm and create jobs. I have always been an active member of the community and continue to serve on 10 local and statewide charitable and business committees. I am proud to be the only private-sector candidate in the race.

I do not have all the answers but strongly believe that, collectively, the people of District 65 do. It is my mission to be their voice in Tallahassee. I am not beholden to a political party or lobbyists; the evidence is in my campaign finance reports. With me, the voice of the people will be heard over career politicians and lobbyists. A vote for me is a vote against politics as usual.

Debbie Faulkner

Palm Harbor

The writer is a Republican candidate for the state House of Representatives, District 65.

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