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Thursday, Apr 19, 2018
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Letters To The Editor

Letters to the editor: Follow the real leader

Follow the real leader

At this point, it isn’t known exactly whether Israel’s airstrikes on 34 Hamas targets in the Gaza Strip were in response to Sunday’s rocket barrage into Israel from Gaza or in response to the discovery of the bodies of the three Israeli teenagers who were kidnapped in the West Bank on June 12. One of the teens, Naftali Frenkel, was a 16-year-old American citizen. The Israeli strikes likely were in retaliation for both.

Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu and his security cabinet met to decide what further action Israel will take regarding the deaths of the three teenagers. President Obama, on the other hand, is urging Israel to refrain from further action. One leader takes swift, decisive and overt action when one or more of his own are in peril or killed. The other leader wants to talk about it — often for years before taking action, if any.

Ted Waronicki


Re-sign ace Price

Everyone knows that David Price is one of the true aces in baseball. It seems that the uncertainty of his future is taking its toll. You can see it in his demeanor, and the Rays need to sit down and sign this special man to a lengthy contract. It’s a no-brainer.

Boston made a big mistake with a guy named Ruth a few years ago. I hope the Rays remember that blunder and avoid making the same mistake.

J.T. Woods


What’s next?

A majority of the Supreme Court has ruled that the religious beliefs and opinions of a company’s owner(s) trump their employees’ access to birth control under the mandate of the Affordable Care Act. Their reasoning in this case is as specious and convoluted as their recent ruling allowing superstitious, sectarian prayers to occult entities to open the meetings of governing assemblies.

In addition to this being one more slap in the face of women by conservative males, it represents an abysmal obeisance to hallowed religious irrationality. What’s next — constitutional protections for passionately sincere religious murderers of abortion clinic workers?

If one has scientific data suggesting that contraception is socially injurious or disadvantageous to societal goals, then by all means present it. But religious objections to birth control are inane and baseless. There simply is no viable evidence supporting such beliefs, and people ought to quit appealing to them. They are rank superstitions that have shackled the minds of human beings for millennia, and they continue to enjoy an utterly unwarranted sanctity in the male minds of a majority of this Supreme Court.

Tommy Moore


Teaching Obama a lesson

With the current makeup of the Supreme Court, getting a unanimous decision is a strong sign that the original case should have been considered a non-starter in the first place. Yet in the past few years the Obama administration has been on the losing side of 13 of these legal 9-0 “what-the-heck-were-you-thinking?” decisions. A recurring theme in these cases was a substantial overreach in what the government believed it could do. Letting police put a GPS tracking device on a car without a warrant was just one of the ideas that the DOJ thought was constitutional.

The IRS targeting scandal is another example of the government thinking it can do whatever it wants. Though President Obama railed against it at first, he has now decided it is a phony scandal, so the tone has been set for the rest of the government to stonewall the investigation.

If Attorney General Eric Holder ignores the bipartisan House request for a special prosecutor for the IRS scandal, and the Republicans gain control of the Senate in the fall, then they probably will and should impeach him. Those on the left will undoubtedly cry racism. But, no, it is just Congress taking up the Supreme Court’s efforts to teach Obama and his administration the proper limits of government.

Mark Grosenbaugh


They’re illegal

Regarding “Fireworks boom illegal, sort of” (front page, June 29):

Thank you for finally talking about the elephant in the room. Fireworks that leave the ground are illegal. The loophole that has been in place for years is a joke because it doesn’t make stupid people smarter. I have written to my local and state representatives for several years during the Fourth and New Year’s. I have stopped getting any response, as they obviously don’t see any reason to close the loophole. You can give them a cute name, but adding fire to gunpowder can lead to serious consequences. I have seen people, mostly children, standing within three feet of an aerial display with no care being taken by the “responsible” adults.

What has really gotten worse is the amount of tents that have popped up. I have seen four in Riverview within 1.5 miles of each other. Two are directly across the street on U.S. 301. We need that much saturation? What’s wrong with watching a professional display? My family and I have gone to Gulfport to see its display for years.

And if you ask a professional they will tell you fireworks are dangerous. I hope your article can finally lead to someone with some common sense to stop these illegal sales.

Ross Ferraro


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