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Saturday, May 26, 2018
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Letters To The Editor

Letters to the editor: Fixing health care

Fixing health care

As the caregiver for a very sick person, I have noticed that it often takes three or more visits to a chain of professionals to get a problem solved. A visit to the ER can result in the doctors stating the patient must see his or her primary care physician as soon as possible. Then the primary care physician will also do nothing except write a referral to a specialist. The specialist often does a test, perhaps an ultrasound, and sets up an appointment for a week or two later to actually do something.

We need to roll back the clock 30 or 40 years to the time when our family doctors knew how to do everything and usually did something on the first visit. The physician I went to on Long Island way back in the 1960s and ’70s is more than 90 now and still practicing! Back then they set broken bones, delivered babies, diagnosed and treated almost every conceivable illness, performed operations, and even made house calls.

If our professionals actually did something the first time a patient was seen, it would eliminate the whole chain of those who pass on the problem to the next level. It would save lives and a huge amount of money our insurance companies pay out to people who have not done the job.

Undoubtedly, attorneys who sue doctors have created this problem and made our professionals be overly cautious. We need the lawyers to back off so our doctors can get to work. Patients need to be “fixed” not “referred.”

Adele Ida Walter


Obamacare suit

The numerous and varied delays, waivers, exemptions and so forth to Obamacare, while done for blatantly and disgustingly political reasons and also probably illegal ones, point out how inherently bad the law is. Has there ever been a law that was “tweaked” so much and not just thrown out and started over from scratch?

I think that anyone working for an employer with 50-plus full-time employees who does not provide health insurance should sue that employer on Jan. 2. Despite what the president said and did unilaterally, that employer will be violating the law.

Ernest Lane


The art of compromise

In response to the Letter of the Day Dec. 22 (“GOP views aren’t the problem”), I say they are the problem, and here is why:

1. Republicans tend to think one move ahead. The writer states, “Republicans believe that the federal government ought to have a budget.” Well, so do Democrats! The lack of a budget is based on the inability of Republicans to compromise on what should be funded and what should be cut. Not one political party’s fault. Both must agree to disagree and to compromise.

2. To say only Republicans care about the national debt is to be closed-minded. The writer should be reminded of Vice President Cheney’s quote, “Deficits don’t matter.” What he must have been saying is deficits don’t matter when they occupy the White House (see rise in debt under George Bush).

3. To insinuate only Republicans think taxes are high enough is again thinking only one step ahead. Taxes are high enough when you are one of the 1 percent. Many American corporations are making billions of dollars in profits and pay no taxes.

Our country has managed to survive for over 200 years based on the art of compromise. Politics was based on compromise. The best way to do that is for those on the right to vote for the moderates of their party, so compromise is again acceptable.

Gerald A. Cerveny Sr.


Backbone of Bill of Rights

Regarding “How to achieve a compromise on guns” (Views, Dec. 22) by Richard Feldman and Arkadi Gerney: The authors completely missed the mark. The “compromise” outlined by the authors hinges on full gun registration. This will lead to gun confiscation, as seen by the many “hello” letters that the NYPD has sent to long-gun owners in its jurisdiction for weapons holding more than five rounds, demanding they be relinquished.

A “compromise” on guns? Think again. Among Richard Feldman’s list of achievements is that of former gun policy adviser to Michael Bloomberg’s “Mayors Against Illegal Guns.” Their “compromise” will consist of their eventual demands for your firearms — and your meek acceptance.

The Second Amendment is the backbone of our Bill of Rights. Without it, we will stand to be “preempted” by mere presidential decree. Draw your line in the sand and stand fast!

Ralph F. Gerber


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