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Monday, Apr 23, 2018
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Letters To The Editor

Letters to the editor: Field day at taxpayers’ expense

Field day on taxpayers

Another “Poly Folly” has come about (“Poly sets new president’s pay at $385,000,” May 16). Will wonders never cease? According to the article, Florida Polytechnic University trustees used a study of “presidential salaries at similar institutions nationwide” but fails to state which ones. To me, “similar” has these characteristics: No students, no accreditation and no teaching faculty. The school has not even opened yet! Yikes, I did not know there were so many others out there like this one to use as a standard to set the pay level. Then, there’s a bonus plan not to exceed 20 percent of pay, or $77,000. What am I missing here?

First, the pay is over a quarter of a million dollars a year, and the school is not even open for business. What are they looking at a bonus for? I thought folks were paid to do a good job. At that pay, who needs a bonus factored in? There are no metrics in place to judge when you have not even begun to prepare a single student for graduation.

This just smacks of the good ol’ boys and girls having a field day at taxpayer expense. I will have to ask what institutions they surveyed on their pay plan to see how many are “similar” to this non-accredited school.

Frank Popeleski


Find another school

This is in response to the article in which a group of students asked the University of South Florida foundation to divest itself of certain investments the students do not approve of (“USF activists target investments,” front page, May 18). I have a solution for those USF students who are unhappy with the USF foundation’s investments. They should find a school whose foundation invests its funds in things more to the students’ liking. Perhaps the UN or the EU could offer ggestions.

Jim Bispo

Spring Hill

Put them under VA

There is only one answer in curing the problems in the VA system. Do away with all taxpayer-supported health care plans provided to government workers, including our elected representatives, and provide them all with VA care. Want to bet the problem would be fixed in no time by those who created the problem in the first place? We are allowed to dream, are we not?

Don Peterson


‘Divide and conquer’

Regarding “So who, exactly, are the tolerant?” (John Grant, Views, May 18): I very much appreciated this column regarding the lack of tolerance in this country by those who feel their views or beliefs are the only ones that matter. I believe that some of this is caused by the administration. As the old saying goes, “Divide and conquer.” Barack Obama and many in his administration love to stir the pot, plant seeds of discrimination or their view of intolerance whenever convenient or needed. If we’re all mad at each other for whatever views we have, it keeps us distracted from what matters.

We apparently can be easily distracted by the rhetoric of those who speak louder than we do. That’s exactly how Obama and his cronies want us to be. It distracts us from the destruction they are doing to our wonderful country with the mounting debt, lack of good-paying jobs, entitlements that are supposed to be temporary help, not permanent income, and the lack of respect we have for each other. We need to work together to make this country functional and fair to everyone. Grant wrote a good and meaningful article. I hope people will think about what he said and wake up.

Kathy Schmitz


Fascist state?

Regarding “So who, exactly, are the tolerant?”: John Grant cites the experiences of former Mozilla CEO Brendan Eich and Chick-fil-A after their stance on gay marriage was made public. I believe wholeheartedly that the individual and the business in these instances had every right to express their positions without fear of reprisal, and that it is inexcusable that this did not happen. Grant apparently supports Newt Gingrich’s definition of the new fascism which believes that “If you don’t agree with us 100 percent, we have the right to punish you.”

Neither Eich nor Chick-fil-A are lawmakers. I wonder if it was a fascist Florida Senate that passed Grant’s bill into law that marriage in Florida would be between a man and a woman. If a couple in Florida do not follow that law, does Florida have the right to punish them? Do we live in a fascist state? Oh, my!

Joe Green


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