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Friday, May 25, 2018
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Letters To The Editor

Letters to the editor: Falling on deaf ears

Falling on deaf ears

In reference to “The silent majority” (Your Views, Oct. 24), Arthur Hayhoe, who is the executive director of the Florida Coalition to Stop Gun Violence Inc., is continuing the “Chicken Little” approach — the sky is falling! I would like to remind Hayhoe that there are many gun laws in Florida. There are many pages of paperwork that have to be filled out. The average, law-abiding citizen purchasing a firearm has patiently filled out and complied with all the laws that have been enacted, which makes it difficult to own a firearm today, compared to a decade ago.

Hayhoe needs to engage in serious studies as to who commits gun violence, where it is prevalent and whether drugs are involved. What is the percentage of domestic violence? I would also like to remind Hayhoe that law enforcement is now confiscating firearms of people who make threats to their spouses in regard to child support, divorce or custody issues.

Badgering the law-abiding citizen, blaming the NRA, “stand your ground,” Republicans and the far right is falling on deaf ears.

Stephen Burchett


Picking our pockets

I was tempted to select “crime” as the topic of this email; however, I felt that although what members of Congress are doing is criminal, it is unethical that none of them will do anything to stop it.

There is plenty of guilt on both sides of the aisle, which begs a question: Will a third party be just as greedy and corrupt as the current two, or will it cause the entire process to try to get better?

The two current major parties have difficulty agreeing on foreign affairs, wars, health care, deficits, budget cuts, abortion, and a litany of other big-ticket items. However, both sides agree that no one needs to touch that “gold mine” called a PAC that allows members to tap into money for their own benefit through loopholes and get away with it. We are not stupid out here in the hinterlands.

We know you can legally insider-trade the stock market if you are in Congress, and that they all are interested first in expanding their ever-bulging pockets with taxpayer money. But this goes one step beyond stupid when they keep mailing us letters asking for PAC contributions to “fight the good fight” on some issue, while they then turn around and use it to pay family members bogus salaries and take lavish vacations. We are about to rise up and take back our country.

Call us whatever you like, but we will not continue to let these crooks bleed us penniless. They keep trying to pit us against one another with ideological arguments on the “issues” of the day like a magician who gets one to focus on the right hand while the left picks the rube’s pocket. That is what is happening, and it needs to stop.

Harald Stone


Whose fault was it?

Although the GOP took all the blame for the recent government shutdown, the Main Street media — along with their too-foolish-to-think-for-themselves followers — failed to realize that the GOP was initially only asking for one thing in order to keep the government running: delay the individual mandate of Obamacare by one year.

It seemed fair then — employers and special interest groups were given a one-year deferral via executive order. But this item was non-negotiable by the Dems, led by their egotist-in-chief, President Obama.

Just a week later, numerous Democrats, and even the White House, were talking about a delay.

So, who really deserves the blame and cost responsibility for the shutdown? Those who can’t figure this one out deserve to lose future voting privileges.

Tom Peterson

Apollo Beach

‘A grandfather of earmarks’

Regarding “The Panetta formula for getting government back on track” (Other Views, Oct. 16):

Leon Panetta is quoted as saying, “I think I sold about six bridges to get there.” (to make a deal on a Bill Clinton budget). Well, the late Congressman C.W. Bill Young was a grandfather of earmarks, pork-barrel politics and bridges to nowhere.

Young represented what is wrong with Washington. It is his policies that have just about ruined our country.

Bill Daniel

Plant City

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