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Monday, Jun 18, 2018
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Letters To The Editor

Letters to the editor: Face the hard truth

Face the hard truth

Despite the approval by a reader of Douglas MacKinnon’s column on Aug. 7, one that suggests that global warming is not legitimate or based upon the results of unbiased science, the hard truth about global warming is anything but that. The implication seems to be that global warming believers are a cult devoted to constraining free enterprise and the “American Way.”

I can only say what I always do when this topic arises: If you want to know this topic, follow real scientists, not politicians on FOX News, or even Al Gore. Do listen to the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, founded in 1988 and made up of many scientists who have spent decades doing nonbiased research in climate science.

Their latest report, “Fifth Assessment Report,” scheduled for release in October, continues to summarize data that confirm what previous years’ works have cumulatively shown: Man’s industrial activities are primarily responsible for our climate’s warming. Real scientific data is the one reliable source of information on climate change.

The science on our climate is in, and it is telling us that the Earth is heating up; rising CO2 and methane levels are threatening ecosystems and influencing extreme weather events, and the oceans are acidifying.

We should listen to real scientists, acknowledge the unbiased work they do, and address this real problem.

Ron Thuemler


Speak plainly

While reviewing candidates for the upcoming primaries, it seems to become more and more difficult to decide. My main concern is the judicial candidates, who are able to hide behind the “judgeships are not political” argument.

How can we know whether these candidates will uphold our laws and our Constitution and not usurp the first branch of government’s power to legislate by creating law from the bench? Enough with the platitudes!

In a time when a single judge can overrule the will of millions of voters with a stroke of the pen, we should expect — no, demand — these candidates to speak plainly concerning issues of vital importance to we the voters.

Dan Cook


Ground rules for candidates

Dear politicians: Please do not phone me 14 times a day, litter the roadsides with hundreds of signs, or call your opponents nasty names. If you want my vote, donate some of the obscene amount of campaign money to a local charity, volunteer at a shelter, and simply tell me what you hope to accomplish if elected.

Phyllis Houser


Remember Robin Williams

Trying to understand and comprehend the death of the incredible Robin Williams is heartbreaking because we will never have the answers to the questions most of us ask.

His friends and loved ones are probably wondering what they could have or should have done to prevent him from taking his own life.

Unfortunately, even with all the love in the world, he felt there was only one option. I am sure he would not want anyone to hurt, as his life was dedicated to bringing happiness to all. Let us thank him for the unselfish devotion he gave while he was here. Let us honor him by helping those in need, having compassion and kindness for others. Make someone laugh or just let them know there is help and someone cares.

Sometimes it will make a difference, and sometimes it won’t. No one is promised tomorrow, so embrace each day.

D.J. Streeter

Plant City

Candidate responds

I am writing this rebuttal to try to make sense about how my résumé has been kept hidden during this campaign.

I founded and operated a private accredited preschool for 32 years, keeping all my staff throughout the years by making some very tough personal decisions.

I have served on the citizens advisory board, was president of various PTAs, and worked as a career counselor in middle school and high school in Hillsborough County for 18 years.

I served for over 10 years with the Department of Education, doing accreditation visits for schools across Florida.

I have also served on the Florida Vocational Association as president.

I now serve on the board of the National Association for Early Learning Leaders and the Hillsborough County Coalition Board.

My goal is to represent all children, from those with special needs to potential dropouts to gifted students.

Sally Harris


Sally Harris is a candidate for Hillsborough County School Board, District 2.

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