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Thursday, May 24, 2018
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Letters To The Editor

Letters to the editor: Eliminate incentives

Eliminate incentives Immigration solution: Rewrite the laws to remove incentives to come to the United States. 1. Public education is available only to U.S. citizens/those eligible to be in the country. 2. No job opportunities unless you present a work visa; enforce/fine employers $5,000 per employee hired illegally.
3. No social services for any non-citizen. Stop rearranging the deck chairs, etc. Bring our troops home from the Middle East and deploy them on the borders. Of course, this requires that Congress grow a spine and put their constituents first. Julie Gildea Ruskin Benefits of a draft Some writers recently addressed the debate over a volunteer military versus a draft. We haven't had a draft since 1973 and really haven't had a need for it. Since 9/11, our armed forces have been manned with enough young patriotic men and women to adequately carry out all our military objectives and missions throughout the world, including Iraq and Afghanistan. But as one writer pointed out, young volunteers might enlist for what seems to be the noble and patriotic cause of defending the United States, only to later realize that the cause and the wars are not truly in defense of our country and freedom. As stated in a recent "Your Views" article, with an all-volunteer military our leaders can use our young men and women as cannon fodder in unpopular wars that are viewed upon as not truly and justifiably in the interest of protecting the United States. Instead, these wars are justified as protecting our interests. Unfortunately, these interests are often politically and economically motivated, and not necessary to really defend us and protect our freedom. Today's war machine is being used to try to establish freedom and democracy, and to instill our ideals and way of life, in countries and on people who either can't comprehend it or won't accept it. We should not be in the business of using our military to overthrow all the bad guys or for global nation building. Our soldiers are being maimed and killed in foreign lands where their enemies are not well defined and where there is no justifiable or substantiated objectives, ergo no real hope of victory. Our soldiers die while corrupt foreign leaders, politicians and those conducting and involved in the war machine get rich and powerful. Just look at Karzai and his cronies in Afghanistan, and consider the money being made by the companies and individuals contracted by the government to wage the wars, build other nations and erect multi-million dollar, lavish embassies. Billions of dollars spent and many thousands of dedicated, patriotic Americans killed and wounded for what? To keep our nation free from terrorists? That's a farce and a lie. It's all about the power and the money. For years now, we've had the means and technology to seek, find and eliminate individual terrorists and terrorist camps anywhere in the world without having to invade or send troops to other countries. Furthermore, we can't kill all of our enemies throughout the world. Even with our border control and domestic security assets, some will get here and cause havoc. Many are coming in through our porous land borders, especially our southern land border. If we really want to stop terrorists from entering our country, we must tighten control of all of our borders - land, sea and airports. The reasoning behind fighting them overseas so we don't have to fight them here is totally bogus, just an excuse to continue the wars in the Middle East. What is happening in the Middle East, especially now that most Americans object to the wars, could only continue with volunteer armed forces. It would not take place under a draft. Because a draft involves so many people from so many walks of life, an unjust or unpopular war would not be tolerated. Currently, there is no draft. However, there is mandatory registration with the Selective Service System. Under current law the draft would apply to every male between 18-25 years of age, and every male should register when they turn 18. This law applies to all males, including citizens and aliens, whether they are legal residents or not. With very few exceptions, all such men are subject to the draft. There is discussion as to whether or not the draft should apply to women. That is up for debate, and would require a change in the law. And the law definitely needs to be changed to eliminate college deferments, thus making it fairer for all socioeconomic levels. I believe the draft would be good for our country and for individuals. Military service teaches discipline, respect for yourself and others and responsibility. Our nation would benefit from an ever-ready, well-trained armed forces made up of young people from our entire society. A lot of our youths who are going down the wrong paths in life would certainly benefit. The draft also would get rid of a number of aliens who refuse to serve. If they want the same freedom and opportunities afforded our citizens, they must bear the same responsibilities. Serve or get deported. John Swift Ruskin 'Freedom fighters' Let's shut down the National Security Agency. Let's stop using drones, Let's shut down Guantanamo and bring all the terrorists to America and give them a fair trial. Let's not call those trying to kill us "terrorists." They are "freedom fighters." That pretty much sums up what Professor Bill Ayers, the ACLU and the rest of the liberal bleeding hearts want. Let's see what happens if the families of Ayers, ACLU leaders and the other folks are targeted by these "freedom fighters." Ron Dakin Spring Hill
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