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Monday, May 28, 2018
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Letters To The Editor

Letters to the editor: Drug-test case ‘waste’

Drug-test case ‘waste’

Regarding “Drug testing law for welfare struck down” (Metro, Jan. 1): Isn’t it ironic that an opposing viewpoint by a conservative governor is regarded as a “waste of taxpayers’ money,” but U.S. District Judge Mary Scriven’s support of drug use and the peril it brings isn’t? Drug screening — and I don’t see her defending A-Rod — for applicants seeking Temporary Assistance for Needy Families is somehow unconstitutional. Isn’t that akin to the abortionist whose only concern is the woman and never the baby?

Judge Scriven defends the drug abuser by means of a narrow and contorted interpretation of our Constitution, but she won’t defend the children (the real victims) or the public whose taxes she uses to support her position. Her logic shows how little accountability is required from the people who demand entitlements at our expense. What standards or means of testing are constitutional, your honor? Gov. Rick Scott promised an appeal; the judge promised it would be a “waste.” I think the only “waste” is Scriven’s salary

John Dautovic


That’s entertainment?

So I guess I am officially “old”— something my kids figured out a long time ago. It was reconfirmed, however, on New Year’s Eve as I watched the networks and millions of revelers conduct a forced celebration of the new year. I remember fondly the innocence of good music, dancing and well-mannered celebration brought to us courtesy of the Guy Lombardo New Year’s Eve celebration. I was much younger back then, but always thought the sophisticated black tie event was awesome.

Then came, with all due respect to his legacy, the “Dick Clark’s New Year’s Rockin’ Eve.” Ever since that began, networks have tried harder to outdo each other. That effort reached a new low this year on the Fox Network, as its weather guy was interviewing people on what he called “South Beach.” They supposedly were behind the Fontainebleau hotel. As he kept trying to interview drunken 20-something “adults,” he came upon a very tall and leggy brunette whose witty response was a compilation of four-letter words. Oops.

The family of Mr. Lombardo should speak to the new owners of the Red Rose Inn in Plant City about housing the museum there. The previous owners were of his generation, and it certainly had a similar entertainment theme. Perhaps it would again draw some of my generation and older back to relive the glory days of glitz and true glamour to do some real dancing to some “golden oldies.” Leave the “twerkers” to enjoy MTV, TMZ and whatever the rest of those partiers think is entertainment.

Harald Stone


2014 wish list

New year’s resolutions:

1. Stop borrowing money to send to foreign countries. If they need the money, let them borrow it.

2. If you don’t want to hear a star’s views on things, don’t interview them.

3. If you pass a law, enforce it. If it turns out to be a bad law, repeal it.

4. Better yet, read the law first and make sure you know all the ramifications.

5. Limit welfare. Welfare is like a drug. Given in small doses, it can heal. In large doses it turns people into addicts.

6. Realize that you can’t pass enough laws to keep people from doing stupid and sometimes deadly things. Injuries and deaths from fireworks pale in comparison to what happens when we sell people cars.

7. Realize that democracy is not perfect. Sometimes the majority is wrong.

8. Take time to learn about issues and candidates before the 2014 and 2016 elections.

9. Even if you are not a Christian, try tithing (giving 10 percent of your income) to a charity or charities.

10. Smile more.

Terry Larson


Avoid whipping post

As a Marine with service-connected disabilities and a proud member of a longstanding military family, my belief that the benefits for the military must be reviewed and potentially changed may be a bit unsettling to my sisters and brothers in arms. However, this review and potential cut should only be done in unison with the benefit plans of our elected members of Congress and federal civil servants. Why is it fair for those who lead and influence such actions be negated from the process? Have you seen their retirement plan? It is not real world! Look at the total numbers of participants, the requirement of service for vesting and the dollars spent to derive priority. Do not tie the military to the proverbial whipping post. Be fair!

Stanley Gray


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