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Wednesday, Sep 20, 2017
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Letters To The Editor

Letters to the editor: Double standard

Double standard Liberalism couldn't exist without a double standard. The column by Florida's NAACP conference president, Adora Obi-Nweze, ("Fighting to protect the vote in Florida" (Other Views, Sept. 14) contains the usual claims of victimhood and racism. Most reasonable people think the opposite is true. In 2008, the liberal group ACORN registered 400,000 fraudulent voters. As a reaction, Florida lawmakers and lawmakers throughout the nation tightened things up a bit to make it less likely that the vote of a citizen would get negated by a vote from a cartoon character registered by ACORN. The NAACP objects to the photo ID requirement, claiming it suppresses the vote of minorities, the elderly and the young. Most people think that having to prove who you are by showing a photo ID is not an impediment to voting, especially if you had two years' notice to get a free one from the state. It does, however, suppress the voter who desires to vote more than once.
Especially troubling is the author's explanation of the "black church tradition" of "Souls to the Polls," when pastors "bus their congregation from the pews to the polls" on the final Sunday before Election Day. Imagine the outrage if conservative churches with predominantly white congregations bussed voters to the polls after being fired up by a conservative pastor. Most people believe that tax-exempt churches should not be engaging in partisan political activity; the NAACP thinks it is desired behavior. The irony is the NAACP was created because of a double standard. Now it demands one. Steve Emerson Valrico 'Targets for deception' I have been wondering lately if some people are intentionally or unintentionally blurring the line between freedom of speech and lying. I'm all for freedom of speech, but there is a fine line between that and what has been happening. This movie by an absolutely ignorant anti-Islamic individual is not freedom of speech. This is lying to the world about Islam and disrespecting it and all its aspects. To those who have been involved in this movie and knew the intentions behind it, I have one thing to say: I expected much better from those behind the curtains of this film. The whole movie was desperate, fake and sleazy, and not even an ounce of truth was put into it. I really wanted to see — actually, expected to see — skillful lying take place, but guess what? It is clear to even non-Muslims that this entire production failed miserably in the portrayal of truth. This movie was about someone else's life, not Prophet Mohammad. In the whole Quran — go ahead and search it page by page — there is no indication of any allowance of violence, unless someone has assaulted you or attacked you. Then, you are permitted to fight back, only until they stop fighting you. Anything that transgresses that is not Islam and will never be Islam. Those groups of people in the Middle East who killed the U.S. ambassador and others who came to help are not acting according to Islam. They are acting as their own individual. It is wrong to do what they are doing. As a Muslim American woman, I know the game that the creators of this movie are playing. They want aggression and violence from Muslims so that it taints the Muslim picture. In the end, we as a free people cannot allow ourselves to be targets for deception. Remember that the entire movie is hype. Prophet Muhammad is widely known throughout his life as honest, trustworthy and having the highest level of manners a person could possess. Aseel Hawamdeh Tampa Open mind and heart Now is the time for sane reason. May I respectfully remind these recent writers of tirades against those who practice the Muslim faith that not all Muslims are rabid fanatics? Almost every religion in the world has its radical element, which should not blacken the name of that particular faith or its followers. Does the name Dr. George Tiller ring a bell? He was a doctor who performed abortions who was gunned down in church by a self-styled Christian named Scott Roeder. Roeder is currently serving a life sentence for this act of domestic terrorism. Here in Florida, Dr. David Gunn — also an abortion doctor — was murdered when he was shot three times in the back by Michael Griffin. Griffin claims to be a born-again Christian. He also is serving a life sentence. Lawrence Brewer was executed in Texas for the brutal murder of a disabled black man, James Byrd. Brewer, a KKK member, expressed no regret and said he would do it again given the chance. The Klan has long claimed Christian fellowship — for white members only, of course. Serial murderer Dennis Rader was an active member of his Lutheran church. "BTK," which stands for "bind, torture and kill," was the perverted anthem of Rader, who was tied to eight murders. I personally know loyal Americans who practice the Muslim faith just as I personally know loyal Americans who practice various Christian doctrines. Americans need to step back and away from all this hate rhetoric and venom and approach each faith with an open mind and heart. Don't allow the mindset that incarcerated loyal Japanese Americans during World War II to reign. Refuse to allow the minority to poison the whole. Patricia Lee-Lucardie Tampa
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