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Saturday, Apr 21, 2018
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Letters To The Editor

Letters to the editor: Don’t need a weatherman

Don’t need a weatherman

J.P. Stakun wondered why, in a world awash in war, unrest and political rancor, there have been no recent protest songs in the tradition of the ’60s folk singers. I recently received some insight into this while visiting a friend in New York City who owns and operates a successful recording studio. While touring his operation, he told us that nearly all of his business consists of recording celebrity voices for animated movies and audio books. He mentioned that he hasn’t recorded a musical group in nearly a decade, wistfully observing that, “The music industry quit using musicians years ago.” A cursory review of today’s popular songs will quickly confirm this fact.

I guess Dylan was right when he sang, “You don’t need a weatherman to know which way the wind blows.”

Barry A. Zimmerman


How can that be legal?

Regarding “Another win for same-sex marriage” (Joe Henderson, Metro, Aug. 22): I will attempt to use as much of your own phraseology in this response to your column. The quote marks will be illustrative in showing how today’s culture has turned common sense, social norms and Biblical standards of right and wrong (aka virtue and sin) on their collective ears. These are not my standards, but cultural and societal standards that have served mankind well for thousands of years.

Henderson states “of course it is” when commenting on same-sex marriages being unconstitutional. I will apply this to the right of an unborn child’s life and viability: “Of course it is” a person. What else could it be?

One day, after the science has been accepted by all, not just a few, this nation will realize that we have committed our own brand of genocide and ask ourselves “just how those views could have been held.”

Defending the lives of unborn children is, should, and will be the civil rights issue of this and future generations. Except for giving and living your life for Christ, is there a greater calling than saving the lives of the most vulnerable among us? This is not a “choice” issue; this is a “protect life” issue, pure and simple. What kind of “civil right” snuffs out the lives of children? So I will end by quoting Henderson’s closing remark: “How can that be legal?”

Steffan F. Cress


Better repent

Regarding “Raunchy ‘Sex Ed’ film quietly shot at Catholic school in Tampa,” (front page, Aug. 21) and “Bishop sorry for filming of raunchy comedy at Sacred Heart” (Aug. 22):

In 2005, when I was at my 30th high school reunion with 15 years of Catholic education under my belt, and recently being blessed with the birth of my eighth child, a joke “was born” from one of my astute 1975 Jesuit classmates, who told my twin brother: “Dale either got an A in sex ed or he failed it!”

The truth of the matter is that in the Catholic schools I went to we had no Planned Parenthood teachers, but there was a great deal of truthful teaching on the Catholic Church’s tenet of respect for human life, as well as the respect of all women.

I am ashamed to hear that the pastor of Sacred Heart Church, where my parents, my sister and my daughter were married, allowed what I like to call a desecration to happen at a school that taught some of the greatest citizens of our noble city of Tampa. Unfortunately, I feel that it was a sly cover-up or a major lack of discernment to allow this and accept the sleazy money from the producers of the R-rated movie. I pray that all involved in this movie repent, for there could be more than a little lighting around them on their own final judgment premiere day.

Dale Kimball


‘Ludicrous’ financing

Whether it’s for the protection of the pristine grounds of the Fred and Idah Schultz Preserve, or the $100,000 seed money that county commissioners foolishly approved in February to study the proposal of a ferry project that will purportedly run government passengers from the southern tip of Hillsborough County to MacDill Air Force Base and back, this concept, although sounding attractive, has absolutely no business being financially supported with taxpayer dollars.

Spending large amounts of money on a service that even the promoters — the South Swell Development Group and HMS Ferries — don’t wish to invest in a long-term agreement unless we the taxpayers shell out the millions of dollars in advance for the boats and the land to dock them, while also serving few residents, makes the entire concept financially and ethically ludicrous.

If developing this multimillion-dollar ferry service is such a lucrative venture, let Ed “Choo-Choo” Turanchik, the man in front who represents the ferry company, have his client open up their deep pockets and take a smart gamble on one of the most exciting and promising cities in the country.

Mike Merino


Hen pecked

Regarding “What’s in a name? Plenty for Washington’s NFL Team” (Faceoff, Aug. 25:

I am deeply offended by the last name of Joe Henderson. Hen-der-son, that is “son of the Hen,” implies the worst kind of misogynistic connotations. From cackling hen, to hen pecked, the term denotes the most derogatory depiction of the fairer sex.

And in animated lore how could we forget Widow Hen, the prissy female nemesis of the beloved Foghorn Leghorn? Who along with her bespectacled son, Egghead Junior, was portrayed as a constant irritant to good ol’ Foggy.

So I respectfully submit that Mr. Henderson go with something much simpler, like Bill, or George, or even Sue. Of course, in deference to the subject at hand, he could spell that “Sioux.”

Joseph Gardner

Wesley Chapel

Weather Center