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Monday, Apr 23, 2018
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Letters To The Editor

Letters to the editor: Don’t burn Qurans, pray instead

Pray, don’t burn

The person who intended to burn a pile of Qurans has no idea of what needs to be done to help in this awful situation that the world is in (“Pastor still plans Quran burning,” Metro, Sept. 10).

Better to surround these books with a multitude of true Christians and pray fervently and continuously over them. Ask that God’s Holy Spirit would infuse these books with the true message of salvation through Christ the Savior. Unless the world turns to him, all will be destroyed when he comes for the second time. There is a choice, and woe to those who choose unwisely.

Martha Matz

Sun City Center

Thanks for nothing

Great. Just what we need — Florida directly targeted by Muslim extremists. Thanks a lot, Rev. Terry Jones. That ought to bring them right on over to take you and us out. Heck, I’m sure they are here now and won’t have to travel far.

Dianne Rothenbuehler


Bondi’s judgment

Attorney General Pam Bondi is guilty of much more than poor timing (“Bondi’s poor timing,” Our Views, Sept. 10). She ceded control of the politically charged George Zimmerman case to an ethically compromised prosecutor, all to score political points.

Now, in further dereliction of her duties, she, in a style reminiscent of President Obama after he presided over the deaths of Americans in Libya, elevated her political fundraising activities over her statutory responsibilities. To characterize Bondi as a political hack would be to give her too much credit. Her rabid pursuit of higher office in this state has eviscerated whatever judgment she may at one time have had.

Jeffrey P. Meyer


Dumbstruck by Bondi

I was dumbstruck to read that Attorney General Pam Bondi requested that an execution be delayed so that she could attend her kick-off fundraising event and that the governor agreed to it.

This is what is known as a “reveal,” an act that shows the world a person’s true nature without their having intended it.

I firmly believe that these acts do not represent the morality of the vast majority of Republicans. There has to be two qualified people in the Florida party whose strength of character and sense of decency will cause them to stand up and run against these two and what they represent. If not now, when?

R. Clark


The straight dope

Two recent letters speak out against legalizing marijuana. If their reason for writing was Morgan & Morgan’s project to put medical marijuana on the 2014 ballot, they need to check their facts.

One letter asks, “Why legalize the smoking of drugs to create a further burden on the health-care system and send the wrong message to kids?” The other worries about “a nation full of mindless people wanting to drive while being legally high.”

Fact is, most patients do not “smoke.” Instead, they use a vaporizer or ingest it in food. As for driving “high,” the first 16 states to legalize medical marijuana saw a decrease in traffic fatalities, a decrease in beer consumption and no increase in teen pot smoking.

John G. Chase

Palm Harbor

Let teachers teach

Regarding “How to win back Florida educators” (Views, Sept. 8): Referring to all the changes and expectations of teachers as “gimmicks” made me think.

I welcome the chance to jump through “ever-changing hoops” and updated standards if it benefits the students. When asked to jump, I’ll ask “when” and “how high.” While in the air jumping for progress, being trained and observed, I’m then asked to change directions.

I’m healthy and fit, but I’m not a miracle worker. I cannot defy gravity, change directions and still be expected to implement some new, even more ever-changing demands. Allow teachers to focus on teaching.

Jean Mora


Local fireworks control

Republicans have always sung the praises of smaller local government but now they want to further increase the size and clout of state government by pre-empting local government’s ability to control fireworks (“Bill would legalize fireworks in Florida,” front page, Sept. 8).

They have already pre-empted control on firearms, fertilizers and now fireworks. The Florida Chamber of Commerce and the Associated Industries just love pre-emption as they and their business partners no longer have to deal with those pesky county commissioners and well-informed county citizens. They can go directly to the Legislature and get what they want.

I know of no reason why counties are not capable of dealing with fireworks, perhaps with some state oversight, standards and training.

Art Hayhoe

Wesley Chapel

Putin’s Syria ruse

Russia’s leader Vladimir Putin cares little about Syria, its massacre of civilians and use of chemical weapons, despite his public statements. What he really wants is concessions from the U.S. and Europe. To him Syria is just a card to play in the grand negotiating game to get what he wants for Russia.

With Secretary of State John Kerry falling head over heels for this ruse, Putin is celebrating and drinking champagne and savoring caviar with his Kremlin buddies.

Kit Werremeyer


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