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Sunday, May 27, 2018
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Letters To The Editor

Letters to the editor: Disgraceful treatment

Disgraceful treatment

Regarding “Veterans battle high tuition costs” (front page, Nov. 11):

It is disgraceful our veterans are required to pay out-of-state tuition costs. They gave up a lot to defend the whole country. They should be considered citizens of all states, not just the one they claimed — especially since many states now give in-state tuition to illegal immigrants.

In addition, in some states the children of active-duty military personnel cannot get in-state tuition in the states their parents are assigned. There ought to be a law.

Here’s a simple fix:

Declare all veterans shall receive in-state tuition in any state at any college they are accepted. They also shall be considered as an in-state resident for application reasons. This prevents them from being denied acceptance because of the out-of-state quotas many state colleges have.

The children of active-duty personnel shall be considered residents of the state their parent is assigned and the state their parents designate as their home state. Again, the application does not count against out-of-state quotas and allows for in-state tuition.

Illegal immigrants shall be considered as out-of-state residents and considered so for application status and tuition status.

Illegal immigrants shall not receive any college benefits funded by public funds.

It is my opinion that those who sacrifice for our country should have more privileges than those who break the law.

Bob Furtek

St. Petersburg

Paper disappoints

After reading the Nov. 11 edition of the Tribune I just had to make a call and follow up with this letter. I was amazed to see there was absolutely no mention of any Veterans Day activities, special events, parades or anything else. Of course, I understand the top of the front page is obligated to highlight the Bucs’ second half of the season, the “Tri-Fitness Challenge keeps famous gym’s spirit alive,” and John Kerry’s opinion about Iran.

It’s the only real day that has special meaning to our vets, and you chose to completely ignore it in your news sections. Hard to believe you could not find one small spot to say “Thank you, veterans” or a simple “Happy Veterans Day.”

Don Day

Plant City

The writer is a retired Army first sergeant and a Vietnam veteran.

Government and health care

What’s the difference between poor people going to the hospital for care and the government paying the fees and giving these people a free medical plan that the government pays for?

Financially, there can’t be any difference except the free medical plan puts government between you and your doctor. Doing this, government can prescribe the coverage, care, doctors fees, patient age restrictions and medication, etc.

If we allow this to happen we will destroy the finest health care available in the world.

What young person wants to invest a significant portion of their life to become a doctor and end up working for the government and being told their salary by bureaucrats? Where’s the incentive to excel and work hard?

Can anyone tell me what part of government is excellent? A perfect example is three years and millions of dollars to develop a website that is disgraceful.

George Fox

Apollo Beach

Food stamp cuts

The Republicans seem to think that cutting food stamps will make the poor, disabled and veterans eat healthier. This is a misnomer. It costs more to eat healthy than to eat junk food, especially if there is no supermarket in the neighborhood. The people who live on junk food will continue to do so. It costs one person $75 or more to eat healthy per week.

Can you imagine what it costs to feed a family of four or more? A lot of people will wind up starving because they won’t be able to feed themselves or their family.

Well done, Republicans! Keep it up, and there will be less people on food stamps because they’ll be dead.

Anita Hoffman


Flawed reasoning

On the U.S. Senate approving the gay rights bill, you will call me a homophobe, but I’m not. I would never disagree with laws protecting people due to race, color or creed. Beyond these laws, which we have, I see no need to have laws protecting how someone has sex. That is the only difference in the homosexual community.

It should be left to an employer’s own accord on who they hire and fire. If a homosexual person doesn’t tell anyone, no one will ever know they are gay. They don’t look different or act different. Some are good workers, and some are bad workers. Most employers need good employees and really do not care who how you have sex. This law could easily be used by deficient or poor employees to hide behind as an excuse for their substandard work habits and add to the number of frivolous lawsuits in the courts.

Sen. Susan Collins from Maine said, “We are about to make history in this chamber.” Laws should not be passed to make history for lawmakers; they become history when they do something special. Heterosexual and homosexual people come in all shape, sizes, colors and ethnicities.

Here is their wake-up call: “You are nothing special.”

Alan Rose

St. Petersburg

ACA refresher

Some citizens do not know how our government works.

Not one Republican in the House of Representatives or the Senate voted for the Affordable Care Act.

Only the Democrats voted for it, and the president signed it into law.

The next election put the Republicans in charge of the House of Representatives because of the tea party’s influence, but it failed to put Republicans in charge in the Senate. The Republicans have been fighting to repeal this law, unsuccessfully.

So know your facts before blame is put on all of Congress.

Nick Siggelakis


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