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Monday, May 21, 2018
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Letters To The Editor

Letters to the editor: Damage to the country

Damage to the country

Dear terrorists and enemy countries of America:

You may relax now. The elected officials of the United States are prepared to do more damage to our country than you ever dreamed of.


The U.S. Citizenry

Dean Drapin


Price shock

When you seniors consider whether you like Obamacare, or not, and when you get ready to thank or blame the socialist-sycophant, Bill Nelson, and his comrades for their largesse, please consider the following:

In the past few days, I have learned the following regarding my Medicare Advantage coverage: Basic costs (my estimation of what services a normal senior might avail themselves) are going up approximately 78 percent or $900-plus annually. If one hits the max, costs go up $1,800 per year, 37 percent.

On top of that, I also was informed that my insurance will no longer cover the specialist group, including the surgeon, for my possibly terminal illness. My guess is that the surgery would not be allowed anyway due to my age.

Mike Jones


Dockery disappoints

I have long admired Paula Dockery for her often unpopular positions when she has fought against the forces she saw opposing good governance. But her current position presented in her syndicated column in the Tribune is most disappointing (“Republicans in the House own this mess,” Other Views, Oct. 3).

She writes opposing the people in Washington who are pushing back against those who would destroy our national defense, against those who are trampling on our national economy, and against those who blithely ignore the principles embodied in the Constitution that have made this country the greatest in the world.

Tom Lenfestey


Constant, positive presence

The morning ritual of cover-to-cover reading of The Tampa Tribune while simultaneously watching WFLA Channel 8 (which otherwise is my way of media multitasking), prompted an observation about one of our city’s leaders last week. It all started with Metro columnist Joe Henderson’s positive column about Tampa Mayor Bob Buckhorn (“Government works if leaders lead,” Oct. 3) and the way he, on a daily basis, efficiently runs our city, despite the continuing challenges of budget restrictions, with constant upgrades and improvements.

I then moved on to a horrific front-page story about a pregnant woman who was shot and killed. The baby miraculously survived. At that moment, WFLA was airing the same story. I immediately glanced at the TV, and in the midst of showing multiple police and citizen bystanders at the scene, in the middle of the action was our always vigilant mayor.

Since his election, Buckhorn’s constant, positive presence and leadership have been quite evident. Regarding his statement in Henderson’s column, “This is why mayors should run the country,” that probably has more merit than the mayor realizes based on the deplorable mess our current administration has put our country in. In any well-run government, as well as the business world, results are what matter most, and so far our Mayor Bob is delivering the goods.

Mike Merino


Questionable story

How does someone mistakenly take Ritalin instead of Adderall? Did former Tampa Bay Buccaneer Josh Freeman just happen to have a bottle of Ritalin in the medicine cabinet? If he did, someone must have prescribed it for some reason. If there were no prescription, how did he get the drug, and why? There is too much smoke being blown in Freeman’s carefully crafted press release for us to believe its veracity. His questionable play on the field is now being equaled by his questionable story of the one-timer.

Carl L. Zielonka


Help make decisions

As the parent of four school-age children, I have been closely following the discussion regarding Florida’s adoption of Common Core educational standards. Many of the state’s previous decisions regarding education have created the very issues that concern parents the most. As the fourth-largest school district in this state and the eighth-largest in the country, Hillsborough County is home to a significant portion of the state’s student population. Our district officials have a duty and responsibility to be more vocal and proactive in advocating for our students. It is necessary that members of the Hillsborough School Board understand that this is not an optional part of the job — it is a requirement.

Local leaders need to lobby the Legislature to enact rules and regulations to improve student performance that are effective and exhibit common sense. The knowledge and experience within this school district should be utilized to provide useful feedback and information to legislators on a frequent basis. Hillsborough should be a part of the state’s decision-making process, not left to accommodate those decisions after they have been made.

Alison McGillivray Fernandez

Temple Terrace

The writer, a Temple Terrace City Council member, is a candidate for Hillsborough County School Board, District 6.

Lowest of low

What a disgrace for our political leaders to close the commissary at MacDill Air Force Base and the memorials in Washington. This is the lowest of low to make a point. President Obama needs to take another review of that position. This is a real sucker punch to all of our military heroes.

Joe Voskerichian


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