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Sunday, May 20, 2018
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Letters To The Editor

Letters to the editor: Cycles


Just to “piggy back” on Richard Abell’s “Get climate facts” letter to the paper on Feb. 5, I’ve asked myself and others this question: “What caused the mile-thick glacier that once covered Wisconsin to melt?” So far I don’t have any answers. It certainly wasn’t from industry, big SUVs, or people burning coal to keep their homes warm. There were none of those when the glaciers covered the area in ice. All I have to say is that weather happens in cycles. There is nothing happening now that hasn’t happened in the past. Some of the more severe weather is being covered by every TV news channel, The Weather Channel and numerous newspapers. It seems worse because it’s right in front of our faces everywhere we look.

If the entire planet is heating up by a half a degree or so, so be it. I don’t think it is being caused by SUVs, industries or people burning coal to keep their homes warm. Say it with me: Cycles. Do yourself a favor and Google “Gift of the Glaciers.” I think you’ll enjoy the read. Richard Abell and I are on the same side.

Tom Hokenson

Avon Park

Personal decisions

I read with interest the article on CVS to quit selling cigarettes (“CVS tamping out sales of tobacco,” front page, Feb. 6). I am 79, smoked heavily ( two packs a day) for 42 years, had a massive heart attack, and quadruple bypass surgery saved my life. I, to this date, 21 years later, on occasion desire a cigarette and sometimes when driving touch my pocket as I did all those years of driving and smoking.

I was in Amsterdam this past May, and as we all know they have pot (coffee) shops on many corners. I sat down at a sidewalk café and was drinking coffee, and an older gentleman sat down and in better English than me started talking about marijuana. He asked me my opinion. I related I was opposed to it as I felt it was mind-altering. He stated he was a retired city councilman (he used another word, but it meant the same as “councilman”). He was down on the subject, as he said they had lost a generation due to “pot.” Their college kids registered a drop in IQs, and it caused many problems. He said there was no way to measure accident rates, as most of their people ride bikes and are a smaller population. He went on to say he felt as if we would “rue” the day we legalized it, and he laughed out loud when I said it is supposed to be medical only.

It is confusing that we spend so much time and money to reduce smoking by a large margin to turn around and legalize a mind-altering item that cannot be good for our heart or lungs. Will CVS, which is dropping cigarettes, be one of the spots you can buy medical marijuana if it is medically approved for sales? If it is a personal decision to smoke pot, then why is it not a personal decision to smoke cigarettes?

Charles Harris



Regarding “The worst Republican?” (Your Views, Feb. 6):

Add Charlie Crist to the list of worst Republicans of all time. It perplexes me why so many people would vote for a politician with ever-changing loyalties. Add to that Crist’s employment at Morgan & Morgan, where the culture is blatantly liberal and the principal players are lapdogs of the Obama administration. As for Morgan & Morgan and Crist supporting the use of medical marijuana, it’s already available in Florida but is only dispensed in privacy by medical doctors who feel the patient would benefit from its use, as it should be.

To become more like Colorado would be disastrous for Florida.

Becky Ellis


Fire them all

I would vote for Lucas Overby for Congress in District 13. Why? Because I’m over the same old ideas and dug-in politicians. And I’m screaming to my fellow Americans to not vote for any of the congressmen in office today. They were elected to do a job, and their performance is a disgrace and embarrassment to this country.

Not to mention the pain and suffering they are causing so many Americans. The middle class is falling into poverty, and they are responsible. Tax reform and balanced budgets — these are the things holding back business to move forward and grow. New ideas and innovation create jobs, not a minimum-wage increase.

If there were good middle-class jobs, then fast food and retail jobs would be springboards to better jobs.

This fall, “fire them all” is my attitude.

Which brings me to president: Hillary or Jeb? Are you kidding me — could those be our choices?

There is no future when all we can do is look at the past.

Norm Mclam


Not so simple math

In his letter “Simple math” (Your Views, Feb. 5), John Forrest wrote, “A man walks into a theater without a gun. Everyone walks out of the theater. What more do you need to know?”

I have a somewhat more difficult question for Mr. Forrest to ponder: A man walks into an Aurora, Colo., theater with a gun and kills 12 people and injures 70. How many of those people would have walked out if an actual law-abiding American citizen also had a gun?

Mark Kingery


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