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Sunday, May 27, 2018
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Letters To The Editor

Letters to the editor: Country to vigilantes

Country of vigilantes

I went to the movies one day after Curtis Reeves shot and killed a man at the movie theater for texting and threatening him with popcorn in Wesley Chapel. The movie theater was about half full. Most of the patrons were senior citizens. They were a loud crowd, talking through all the previews.

I was worried for their safety and mine, fearful that one of those among us would be a law-abiding gun owner and take offense at the lack of courtesy from his fellow patrons.

Since I was afraid for my safety, I wondered, if I had a permit to carry a gun, could I just send up a warning shot and tell everyone to pipe down so they didn’t get one of us killed?

Isn’t this the logical next step?

Where have we gone as a people, as a country, with this ridiculous, indefensible stance on guns in the hands of every person, every home, every business?

I’m sick of arguing the nuisances of gun control. Our country is on the wrong side of this issue, and every developed nation with rational gun laws is proof this is true.

The Second Amendment was not intended to make us a country of vigilantes. Shame on us. Enough.

Ann Leavine

Temple Terrace

‘All in’?

So Mayor Bob Buckhorn thinks Tampa is “all in” when it come to the Obamacare fiasco, huh?

How insulting is it to watch Mayor “Pass the Bucky” tell one of the architects of this nightmare that we are “all in”?

It’s one thing to have the taxpayers pay for your health insurance the majority of your life, but when you tell the fool running it that we are “all in,” well, it just shows how far Buckhorn has drifted from reality.

Here is some news, mayor: The majority of the American people do not want, have never asked for this, and will not be “all in” as you told your heroes in Washington.

If Buckhorn is so infatuated with a position in Washington ... then go!

But he was elected to run Tampa — and that doesn’t mean “into the ground” like they are doing in our nation’s capital.

Jim Kwid


More beach time needed

Regarding “Birds fly with a little help from their friends” (Jan. 16):

I was 8 years old standing on St. Petersburg Beach watching a flock of pelicans fly past. They were in a V-formation, and I watched until they were well down the beach. An older gentleman sitting in a lawn chair behind me asked, “Do you know why they fly in a V?” No, I said, and he told me to watch as the next flock flew by.

As I turned, another flock came by, and he told me to watch the lead bird — when he flaps his wings, they all will, and when he stops flapping, they all will stop. He told me they do this to fly through the air easier to save their strength so they can fly for long distances.

He also told me to watch the lead bird, because after a while the lead bird will fall back to the end of the shortest line, and a different bird will take the lead.

Over the years I have watched pelicans fly and tell the same story to whomever I am with, and have never forgotten that lesson that day on the beach.

I read in The Tampa Tribune that it took a group of scientists with GPS equipment to figure that out.

I think they need to spend more time at the beach.

Ted Williams


Great opportunity

I enlisted at age 17 and served three years.

After my discharge, I went to college on the Vietnam GI Bill and earned an engineering degree. Was it hard? You bet. Very difficult curriculum. Many sleepless nights.

In addition to the maturity and discipline one gains by serving, vets have to understand they must have the education the marketplace requires.

Today’s GI Bill presents a great opportunity to get an education. To not take advantage of it is inexcusable.

Dick Powers


‘Conservative vitriol’

Was just looking at the Jan. 12 Metro Section of the Tribune and, man, did columnist Tom Jackson hit the nail on the head with yet another dunderheaded piece on gun advocacy (See: Zimmerman, Columbine, Wesley Chapel movie theater) full of the usual “conservative” vitriol praising some court ruling about allowing guns to be stored in the vehicles parked at USF!

Yeah, Tom, what could go wrong there? Such a timely piece; maybe he should check the stories on TBO lately. Even a retired police captain with a gun in a crowded theater isn’t safe. Oh, things got quiet over there on the “Right Stuff.” They usually do at times like this when your hyperbole runs dry.

Jeff Gerbino

Spring Hill

System failing families

I was reading the recent article about issues dealing with child support services and how delays in processing payments were occurring. I moved here in August 2012, and it was then that I applied for child support services for my son, whose father is living out of state. To my knowledge, and from looking at my case status online, Florida Child Support Services has failed in its duties to contact the appropriate support office to try to establish a court order for support.

When I applied for service I was told it would take six to 12 months before a order was established. It has been 17 months now, and I still have no idea what is being done about my child support case. I am very disappointed that I put faith in a system of people who are supposed to have the welfare of my child at heart when processing, untimely, my need for help from my child’s father.

My son will be 3 in June, and we have received less than $600 in all this time from the father. The system here in Florida is failing a lot of families, children and the ability to make sure that unwilling fathers are doing their job to provide for their children.

Ashley Scarboro


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