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Friday, Apr 20, 2018
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Letters To The Editor

Letters to the editor: Column ‘disgusting’

Will find another source

I typically go onto your news site multiple times a day. I have never been compelled to write a letter until today. The column by Douglas MacKinnon, “Disney’s gay agenda is disturbing” (Aug. 12), posted by you, is disgusting.

Disney is a great corporation, and it should be applauded for trying to make a difference. It is sad that it even has to, though. So much of the country is full of hatred for a lifestyle people don’t understand, and they are teaching their children to hate as well. It is the same reason racism in America will never go away. Disney teaches young children to accept everyone and not to judge. How is this an issue in any way?

After reading this article, I will no longer visit your site. I will get my news from another source. Thank you for opening my eyes to exactly who you are as a company and who you employ.

Ashley Moore

Land O’ Lakes

Tone ‘offensive’

Regarding “Disney’s gay agenda is disturbing:” I found the content and language to be disturbing, especially the horrid phrase “indoctrinating children.” The whole tone of the article was very off-putting and offensive, and it’s sad that it was published at all.

Mandy Keyes

St. Petersburg


It is a tremendous disappointment to me, a 25-year-plus subscriber, that the Trib has replaced the pleasure of reading Steve Otto’s columns with two strongly conservative guys whose writings are so strongly slanted in that direction as to be offensive to reasonable-thinking readers. I pride myself, as an independent thinker and voter, that I have never voted according to any party line. I have always believed that the right candidate is the person who will do the best job for the citizenry, regardless of their party affiliation. I do believe that Douglas MacKinnon and Tom Jackson would advocate voting for the Devil himself if he professed to be on the conservative side of everything.

Columns like MacKinnon’s and Jackson’s do not belong anywhere in the paper but the op-ed pages because what they espouse is not news; it is only their opinions. Preferably they would just go away!

Mary Snyder

Sun City Center

‘Neo-McCarthy diatribe’

Perhaps it is not too late to correct the mistake of hiring Douglas MacKinnon. The conservative world view is more than adequately presented by other writers on your staff — Tom Jackson, for example. MacKinnon is a tea party hack gone amok, always retreating to the usual and expected insanity so beloved by that group of individuals. Disney is pro-gay? Indoctrination of the gay lifestyle? He is disturbed because Disney recognizes a change in the America that never was? Of course, Obama is involved. MacKinnon has his head stuck hard into the sand, convinced the world is still somewhere between 1981 and 1989 and Ronnie hasn’t yet floated off to Never Never Land. Sure, he is entitled to drink his own tea, and the newspaper can put up any wingnut they prefer. I, for one, have read the last bit of his Neo-McCarthy diatribe.

Miki Elior


‘Secret signs’?

Seldom have I seen such a hateful, homophobic and bigoted rant as the opinion piece by Douglas MacKinnon. Shades of the McCarthy witch hunts. There is a gay cartoon character lurking everywhere, with Mickey Mouse leading the parade. Even the colors of the rainbow are drawing us into the perverted world of gayness. After all, red, blue, green, and yellow have always been secret signs of the gay agenda on television. Is the NBC peacock gay? Even worse, the First Lady has been used to promote the gay agenda of promoting weight loss and proper nutrition for our vulnerable future converts. Perhaps MacKinnon’s solution would be to broadcast in black and white to protect our children. Better yet, maybe he should retreat to his own little world of bigotry and keep watching “Duck Dynasty,” whose last 5 letters just happen to be appropriate.

Carl L. Zielonka


Unconditional love

It’s people like Douglas Mackinnon, who hide their bigotry behind “family values,” who cause so many young kids, teens and even adults to hate themselves for being exactly the way God made them. You sir, and the people like you, have blood on your hands. I lost my best friend to suicide in 1994 because he felt everyone was against him for being gay. That was my rude awakening to the fact that although I didn’t say anything against gay people, I also didn’t stand up to those who did, like you. If Disney is, in fact, trying to change people’s perceptions about what it is to be gay, then Godspeed to them. I only wish they would have started a long time ago because maybe myself and all the people around my beautiful friend would have embraced him and let him know that unconditional love, not bigoted hate, is the true family value!

Ron Roache


Weather Center