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Wednesday, Jun 20, 2018
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Letters To The Editor

Letters to the editor: ‘C’mon, man!’

‘C’mon, man!’

This is for the Crosstown construction traffic planner: Seriously, how many times will you shut down traffic in one direction and not offer the overhead express lane as an option? Like several times before, one direction enjoyed normal Crosstown traffic flow and the overhead express lane while the other direction was completely shut down for planned construction and traffic was diverted onto Adamo Drive. On Sunday, westbound traffic was unnecessarily and inconveniently backed up from the 50th Street exit well beyond the old toll booth area. What’s more, officers were not allowing excess traffic through the lights. Everyone had to wait for the normal left-turn arrow.

In the words of the NFL Sunday highlight reel, “C’mon man!”

Please take a few minutes to consider re-tasking the overhead express lane when closing one direction on the Crosstown.

Jon Wax


Dignity missing

Concerning the issue of the Hillsborough County homeless and poor, I am confounded. Why has the Hillsborough County Commission allowed such lax supervision of the housing programs for these individuals? Why have they not demanded or required strict accountability and oversight?

I understand two administrators have been removed. That seems to be a peripheral act. The reported filth and inhumane atmosphere that the poor and homeless have been required to live in appears to be an acceptable norm. It makes one ashamed of the Hillsborough County Commission.

Beyond this, as a retired minister, I am astonished that not one clergy person, to my knowledge, has displayed either the voracity or intestinal fortitude to come forward and demand persons be treated with human dignity.

James N. Holmes


War among ourselves

Health care: Everyone wants it, but nobody wants to pay for it. How do we get it then?

Safety for our people and way of life: Nobody wants to pay for it (dealing with the other countries with their chemical and nuclear weapons, etc.) How do we get it then?

Safety from gun-toting citizens who meander into our lives, shooting and killing at will. Nobody wants gun control. How do we get it then?

When we raise our young, we try to make good role models for them. How is our constant war among ourselves — blue states/red states —being a good role model?

If we ignore the countries of the world that prepare chemical weapons and other weapons of mass destruction because “they don’t affect us,” they will soon be on our doorstep. I don’t care whether you are Democrat or Republican, you are all Americans, and we should always show that unified side to the world. If not, then we are weak and a prime target.

Sharon Jones

Dade City

Lost season

Why not give Tim Tebow a try? The Bucs’ season is lost, and soon the crowds will be gone. Tebow might just be the answer. The fans will probably support him, and who knows, he might just make it work.

What do the Bucs have to lose?

Rick LeVarge


Starve the beast

In his Oct. 31 commentary, U.S. Sen. Bernie Sanders dutifully repeats the old liberal saw that there is no social problem that cannot be cured by another spending increase and that there is no budgetary shortfall or deficit problem that cannot be solved by yet another tax increase (“The right way to make a federal budget,” Other Views).

But Sanders and big spenders in general miss one important dynamic (or they are fully aware of it, but don’t wish to acknowledge): Tax increases don’t satiate the desire for more spending. They ramp it up! Spenders in government get their tax increase; tax revenue goes up by X amount. Buoyed by the new revenue, they send spending up. The deficit goes up on a steeper slope. The next day liberal spenders are back caterwauling even louder that we need yet another tax increase. They get that tax increase. Tax revenue goes up by X amount. Spending then goes up.

The cycle never ends.

Maybe David Stockman was right: Starve the beast. The only way to restrain government from it’s nearsighted, wild-eyed, self-indulgent, irresponsible and heedless tsunami spending that threatens to bankrupt not only future generations but this generation as well is to cut off their money beyond a balanced budget level and cut off their access to credit and deficit spending.

The House of Representatives made a weak stab at doing something that looked like spending restraint but quickly caved, probably because they have just as many special interests of their own shouting in their ears to keep the goodies flowing, and growing. So they collapsed overnight.

When a donkey (or an elephant) flies, you’re not surprised when they don’t stay up very long.

Robert Beatty


Get real

Good old Bernie Sanders, the ultimate socialist, is at it again. He says, in effect, that the budget deficits exist because there is not enough tax revenue. He cites President Clinton’s last-year budget surplus and the forecast for a 10-year surplus of $5.6 trillion. He forgets that the surplus was a result of the dot com and telecommunications bubble, which was over when President Bush took office. Also, a forecast is just that, “a forecast.” Factually, a recession was already on the way, compounded by the 9/11 attack. Then the ultimate Bush insult — that President Bush pushed the prescription drug plan on the nation. Shame on you, Bernie; a liberal not liking an entitlement?

And, of course, the usual complaint about the rich not paying their fair share even though the top 10 percent pay about 70 percent of income taxes while the so-called working class pays less than 5 percent.

Bernie, take a hard look at the socialized European failed economies and get real. We don’t need your dogma in Congress.

Thomas Dvorchak


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