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Wednesday, Apr 25, 2018
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Letters To The Editor

Letters to the editor: Clean power and utility rates

Clean power and rates

Our utilities want to force us to pay much more for polluting power, and Gov. Rick Scott and the Republicans are letting them rip us off because they were bought and paid for.

Why else would they give such massive corporate welfare to utilities against the people?

They even gave utilities a $250-million profit on screwing up two nuke plants — and are still forcing ratepayers to buy nuke power plants in advance.

The fact is, utilities are scared to death because they know homes, factories and other buildings can now generate their own clean, efficient power for 50 percent of what utilities can deliver.

Wind, solar, biomass, etc., once in mass production, will be even more cost effective.

Even off-grid solar is more cost effective — including batteries and backup generators.

No matter what Econo 101 says, utilities are going to shrink as they have the past three years as far as U.S. output goes. They just can’t compete with clean power. But this saves people money and doesn’t pollute, and it provides excellent energy security and generates higher family net worth.

Why are Republicans messing with voters, families and businesses by forcing this shameful corporate welfare/pollution on us?

Apparently Republicans have no shame.

Jerry Dycus


New cabinet position

Because of policy dictated by the president and the Democratic administration, I feel it is becoming necessary to create a new Cabinet post: “Secretary of Sanctions.”

We, as a world-leading nation, have imposed so many sanctions on so many countries that this has to be confusing and extremely difficult to keep track of.

To account for who has what sanction and what we have left to impose, I recommend that we create this new post.

Our fearless leader has enough on his plate between fundraising, TV interviews, golf and vacations to accurately keep track of these important world-crisis matters.

This new secretary post would help free up important presidential time and lift the burden of being in Washington longer than absolutely necessary.

J.T. Woods


Chicago equalizer?

I wrote an article in the Trib in January titled “Guns matter” (Your Views). Among some of the things I stated was that our hypocritical politicians such as President Obama, Vice President Biden and former mayor Michael Bloomberg have bodyguards with guns and high-capacity magazines.

They, among other politicians and lay people, want to take away my right to protect my family and myself.

I closed my letter by stating a federal judge in January gave back Second Amendment rights to the people in Chicago.

I was anxious to see how fast the crime rate would go down now that good people have guns.

Well, the Chicago Sun Times and other media reported newly released police data showed the lowest number of homicides involving guns in Chicago in five decades.

I guess the saying is true: The only way to stop a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun.

Now it seems the bad guy doesn’t know who has a gun and who doesn’t.

Michael Patch

New Port Richey

No clue

The Obama administration characterized the capture of the Israeli army officer by Hamas as “barbaric.” It’s confirmed that the officer was killed in action, not abducted, kidnapped or captured.

This is just another sign that the administration doesn’t have a clue of anything regarding the military.

Since Day One of any war or conflict, it is clearly understood that one of the missions in a combat situation is to kill or capture the enemy.

The fact that Hamas is not an army, but instead a terrorist organization, doesn’t stop it from capturing enemy combatants, or civilians for that matter. Geneva Conventions? What’s that?

Had they actually captured the Israeli officer and read that it was considered “barbaric” by a bunch of foreigners, it might incite just that.

I doubt Prime Minister Netanyahu considered the lieutenant anything other than a prisoner of war whose safe return would be his highest priority.

I wonder if the prime minister has invited President Obama, Vice President Joe Biden, Sen. Harry Reid and Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi to pack up and move their families to Tel Aviv for a first-hand look at what the Israelis are having to put up with.

Don Hoyem


Hang on to your wallet

Regarding “Obamacare rates to rise for 2015” by Jerome Stockfisch (front page, Aug. 5):

Oh no —“say it isn’t so.”

I remember phases such as “better deal” and “at significantly cheaper rates than what they can get right now on the individual market.”

Do rate increases for 2015 averaging 13.2 percent and maxing out at 23 percent sound like a “better deal”?

Double-digit rate increases, millions of people losing their plans, and at least 32 “tweaks” brings to mind an old show business adage: America, hang on to your wallet because you ain’t seen nothing yet.

This bill was passed in the middle of the night without a single “yes” vote by anyone who wasn’t an Obama crony.

That fact should be kept in mind when going to the polls in November, and maybe something that is really a “better deal” can be worked out by people who don’t blindly “follow the leader.”

Jerrold Cheesbro

Sun City Center

Weather Center