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Sunday, Jun 24, 2018
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Letters To The Editor

Letters to the editor: Cherry-picking


Having just read a truth-in-lending statement from my bank, then reading the fawning letter in the Tribune (“Proud Scott is part of the family,” Letter of the Day, Sept. 20), I think we readers need a truth-in-political “advertising” law, too.

The writer attributes numerous accomplishments to Gov. Rick Scott, who supposedly “created a budget surplus”, “eliminated debt,” created “thousands of well-paying jobs,” and is “giving merit raises to teachers,” etc. Really? Doesn’t the Florida Constitution require a balanced budget and forbid budget deficits? What about the improved economy? Doesn’t Florida still rank first among all states with long-term unemployment and below average in job creation? Isn’t our median income down 11 percent, and hasn’t poverty jumped by nearly 50 percent since 2000? After cutting education budgets the past two years, isn’t the budget now similar to those of 2004-7 under Jeb Bush?

Cherry-picking items to make them appear as the total record of an incumbent politician is disingenuous for either conservatives or liberals though, unfortunately, it occasionally works. Tell us the truth, only the truth, and nothing but the truth.

Don Hinderliter

Sun City Center

Anger and guns

Christina Taylor Green would have turned 12 on Sept. 11, but there was that shooting in Tucson. Deonta Howard is 3 years old; he is in the hospital after being shot in Chicago along with 12 others. Anger pulled the trigger — unregulated anger, not at the victims but at some unseen, unknown “they.”

Sandy Hook. Movie theaters. Neighborhoods. Navy yards. Over and over and over again, anger and guns.

There is enough blame being talked about, be it social or video games or mental illness. These are all very important, but we have been talking for a very long time, and while we were talking someone was dying. It is time that we ask ourselves, “What have I done to help someone? What have I done to change what I complain about?” It is time to act to educate and to communicate. It is time to end the need for memorials. It is time to ensure that Deonta and all children grow up safe from gun shots. We have to start somewhere. A hospital room where a little boy is recovering is somewhere.

Peno Hardesty

New Port Richey

Listen before speaking

Regarding “Economy, uninsured will suffer because of failure to expand Medicaid,” Other Views, Sept. 21):

Janet Cruz (D-Tampa, District 62 in the Florida House of Representatives) insists that Florida’s refusal to expand its Medicaid program by tens of billions of dollars (her words) will hurt Florida’s economy and will “deny hundreds of thousands of hard-working residents access to much-needed affordable health care coverage.” She calls representatives who voted against the expansion “extremists.” She also quotes some foggy economic data “proving” that government spending will result in increased net economic activity.

Perhaps she would be a better representative if she considered that those tens of billions of dollars are borrowed by a government that is already in for over $17 trillion in recognized debt, plus about $90 trillion in already realized liabilities for pensions, Medicare and health benefits. Those extremists are simply refusing — after listening to their constituents — to accelerate the bankruptcy of our nation. This debate will be better resolved when both sides recognize that the other side has a good point to make, and they both start to listen before they speak.

Paul Phillips


Politics contaminates

Regarding “The pulpit should be free of politics” (Views, Sept. 15):

Politics have no place in our Christian churches. First of all, politics, by its nature, causes division. God wants our churches to be unified, as one body, working for his mission and glory. Second, as the Apostle Paul taught us, our pastors and teachers should declare the truth of the gospel and only the truth as revealed by the word of God. Politics is not truth and contaminates the church and religion.

Dianne Alexich

Plant City

Stopping Obamacare

The point is often made, most notably by the president, that the fight over Obamacare funding isn’t worth shutting down the government or defaulting.

I think it is. Obamacare, once it’s established as an entitlement, will be so destructive of the economy and such a money drain that it’s worth any risk to stop it. The cost estimates are already a couple of trillion more than promised. It will be much worse — it always is — and Congress will have to find a way to fund it. You know where this will lead — and how it will end.

Plus, the “government” will not shut down anyway. As we know, entitlement spending will happen. I’m not sure how much else is worth saving.

Ernest Lane


Afraid of name?

Regarding “News agency draws fire from Caton” (Metro, Sept. 23): I find it interesting that, despite their advertising on other channels and the content of your article, Al Jazeera America is listed on my DISH Network grid (Channel 215) as “CURNT.” Are they, or is DISH afraid of this network being fully identified? I emailed DISH a couple of weeks ago with this question, but they have not answered.

Alan Kent


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