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Thursday, Sep 21, 2017
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Letters To The Editor

Letters to the editor: Changing names

Changing names With Ybor City at risk of ridicule during the Republican National Convention due to the spelling of La Septima/Setima, I have another challenge for city staff, taxpayers and the in-house sign shop. To avoid further ridicule from dendrologists who may attend the convention, attention should be brought to an area of Tampa that is dedicated to the recognition of trees. The pine, spruce, cherry, cypress, palmetto, etc., have been remembered with a street named after them. But it appears someone decided to throw a red herring and remind us instead of the natural coastline of Florida and that we have a few nice beaches in Tampa — at Picnic Island and Cypress Park, to name two. The poor old beech tree will never get its due respect or recognition. As one travels West Shore — or is it Westshore? — one cannot help but notice how the name changes. It depends where you are or which side of the boulevard one looks. It changes from one to the other. In fact, at Euclid and West Shore, you are also at Euclid and Westshore if you look over the road. At least the British essayist, Charles Lamb, finally got his recognition after years of being known as Lumb, in the Bay to Bay-West Shore area — or Bay to Bay-Westshore. Berenice Schroeder
Tampa GOP health care plan Republicans keep saying they have a plan for health care. Of course, they have a plan. Their plan was developed by conservative think tanks and first implemented by a Republican governor. It's now commonly known as Obamacare. For some reason Republicans are unanimously opposed to it. This is just one of many reasons Republicans should never be taken seriously again. Robert Trout Riverview
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