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Monday, Jun 18, 2018
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Letters To The Editor

Letters to the editor: Cause for concern?

Cause for concern?

There is no excuse for a person, who has obviously been bestowed the gift of a “good life,” to denigrate others by word or deed. However disgusting Donald Sterling’s reported behavior is, I feel what is occurring in the media and elsewhere is cause for concern. It sets what I believe is a precedent that any private conversation is seemingly newsworthy and is fair game for public release without permission of the person being recorded.

It frightens me to even think of the possibility of a conversation filled with the freedom of expression that our Constitution guarantees us, whether it is disgusting to the world or not, is fodder for broadcasting and punishment, without consent of the individual.

Sterling should be ashamed that the jealous rage he demonstrated in his conversation was hurtful and thoughtless, but it was his private conversation and should have stayed that way instead of hurting so many innocent people.

I don’t think the Patriot Act or our national security rules and regulations allows for this type of intrusion — at least I hope not.

Melinda Brett

St. Petersburg

New executioners needed

Yet another botched execution, this time in Oklahoma.

The new drug cocktail didn’t work, and the condemned suffered what the process was designed to prevent — cruel and unusual punishment.

My point is not the pros and cons of capital punishment.

My point is the sad reality that everyday junkies are found dead, needle still hanging from their veins, and yet the brain trust called government is unable to achieve a peaceful death for a felon.

Perhaps we should find drug dealers to administer justice.

Bill Browne

Town ’N Country

What about the whales?

I appreciate that SeaWorld is taking steps for safety. Trainers will soon be wearing specially engineered inflatable vests and have elevating platforms in case of emergencies. But these precautions are only for the trainers’ safety and wellbeing — the ones who have chosen to be there. The whales have no voice. What is SeaWorld doing about them?

The obvious fact is that holding orcas captive for entertainment is sad and cruel and done for financial gain.

I hope the day comes when future generations can’t believe what we allowed.

Heather Turner


Money and morality

There is only a casual relationship between morality and legality.

Legal and illegal are determined by what the government decides.

Morality goes back to the irreducible, personal basic: Nobody shall initiate violence against me or mine.

An awful lot of people — maybe even a majority — have accepted the government’s “legal equals moral,” “illegal equals immoral” equation.

Nobody gives money to help a politician if they are indifferent to his or her platform. Small contributions are affirmations. Medium contributions are requests. Large contributions are demands.

But they are all bribes.

Lockheed, GE, environmentalists and unions will get their way, and the voice of the single voter is drowned out.

But, you see, it’s all right, for “legal equals moral.”

John Cooley


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