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Saturday, Oct 21, 2017
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Letters to the editor: Beyond the norm

Beyond the norm In any presidential campaign both sides will stretch the truth to make their side look good and the other side look bad. On Aug. 13 in Iowa, President Obama linked new Republican vice presidential pick Paul Ryan to the lack of passage of a farm bill that would include drought relief important to the citizens of Iowa. Now, to make one representative out of the 435 in the House responsible for a bill not being voted on or passing would be considered the typical type of exaggeration now tolerated as common campaign rhetoric for either party. However, that particular bill had already been passed by the House of Representatives with a yes vote from Ryan. It got bogged down in the Democratically led Senate before they went on recess. So what Obama said was completely false and beyond the norm. He will say anything to get re-elected.
Chris Scaglione Tampa Dates with bankruptcy President Obama is advocating that we spend $1 trillion on a farm bill to compensate farmers for a bad drought affecting their harvest income. Farmers already have crop insurance available to cover possible bad years. His plan for the next four years contains nothing but a continuation of spending. When he spends our money it does not stimulate anything, but it does encourage more citizens to feel obligated to support his presidency. At this time we have more than 40 percent of citizens not paying income taxes, and we are borrowing 40 cents on every dollar we spend. When these numbers reach 50 percent, and they will, who will continue to lend us money? As Obama increases taxes on the "wealthy," how many of these "wealthy" will continue to risk investment money to provide jobs? As some liberal-leaning areas cannot pay promised pensions and begin to apply for bankruptcy, who will pay retirements? We already have bankruptcy dates estimated for Social Security and Medicare, and soon we will have them for unemployment insurance and food stamps, etc My question to Americans: Why would any citizen support a progressive-liberal Democratic Party unless you wish to have the future of Europeans, Asians or some Arab nation? Or perhaps the real question to some is: Why did you immigrate here in the first place? Dick Artz Apollo Beach
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