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Tuesday, Oct 17, 2017
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Letters to the editor: Beautifying Pasco

Beautifying Pasco State Road 52 medians in Pasco County are appalling sights. Why doesn't Sheriff Chris Nocco, whom I respect tremendously, have a chain gang of inmates from the county jail clean up the overgrown weeds and trash, just to name a few minor things, and plant some trees? This road has thousands of people pass by daily — even tourists. Looking at this unkempt mess if I were a tourist and were looking for a home to buy, I would keep driving. Who but the honorable Nocco could do this task? No one else can make these criminals get out of bed and work for a day. Having a chain gang with men and women in stripes all over Pasco County beautifying this great area would be fantastic. When children ask their parents about the stripes and chains, here could be the reply: "This is what you do when you break the law." I would like to see hundreds upon hundreds of inmates all over the area make this the most beautiful area, as we are not beneath Davis Islands, Treasure Island, Coral Gables or Sarasota, to name places that take pride in their community.
George Karvasales New Port Richey Obama law Why is there no outrage when our dictator bypasses our legal system and makes his own laws? He has gutted the 1996 welfare-reform law that requires recipients to work. This law was designed specifically so the work requirement could not be ignored. He is giving waivers on a state-by-state basis so they may gut the mandate that forces every American to buy health insurance, so the rest of us will have to pay more to cover those states. He has ignored Congress holding Attorney General Eric Holder in contempt for failing to produce documents in the "Fast and Furious" case. He has given amnesty — yes, amnesty — to God knows how many illegal immigrants. I don't get it. Why isn't there more outrage? Cindy Conti Apollo Beach What happened? It's hard to believe voters in the Hillsborough County District 3 school board elections voted for someone other than Dr. Jack Lamb. I am not mentioning her name because she does not deserve any more publicity than she has already received in the Tribune. Many people, including the Tribune and Jack's opponent, agreed he was the most qualified candidate. So what happened? I have known and worked with Lamb and his family for almost 50 years. They are honest, ethical and intelligent educators who have always worked for the betterment of the children they have taught, served and fought for, for over 55 years. His opponent has some big shoes to fill, and we will be watching her with open eyes. True, educators, who understand and have the personal experience in the educational and legislative systems of our state and federal government, are who we need on our school board. We are the eighth-largest school system in the United States. What a huge responsibility for those serving on our school board. To those who have been elected or re-elected, be mindful that we will hold you responsible to take your positions very seriously. Our children's and grandchildren's educational needs are now in your hands. Love and respect them as Jack has for all of his life. Cindy Xenick Temple Terrace Lamb will be missed How very sad that one of the community's most deeply committed and competent leaders over many years was defeated in the election. Dr. Jack Lamb is an educated educator who brought the wisdom of exceptional experience to a part of our community that needs it most — public education. The most vocal critique of Lamb was his strong support of another exceptional leader in our community, the superintendent of the Hillsborough County school system. The rejection of Lamb, and the implicit expression of a lack of confidence in the leadership, does not bode well for our school system, one of the most complex in the nation. The Hillsborough School Board will sorely miss Lamb's strong and reasoned voice. I wish to acknowledge and express appreciation for his many years of valuable public service to this community. Our children are better served today as a result of his leadership in helping help craft policies that now govern our public schools. James Paul Temple Terrace We're all winners I believe it was God's will that determined the outcome of my race for Pasco County commissioner. I am very thankful for my family's support, the thousands who supported me throughout my campaign, and the many wonderful people I met along the way. Congratulations, Kathryn Starkey, and to all the winners in the primary election! Starkey has my endorsement, and I welcome her to District 3. We have a major flooding issue that needs to be first on her list to accomplish. I look forward to working with her to remedy this problem and build the long overdue Trinity park. Congratulations to all the candidates who, like me, spent hundreds of hours and thousands of dollars of our own savings to give people a choice. We are all winners! Please join me in supporting Republican candidates in the general election. Randy Evans Trinity
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