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Wednesday, Apr 25, 2018
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Letters To The Editor

Letters to the editor: Barbaric decisions

Barbaric decisions

I was disgusted reading the article concerning the Denmark zoo and the killing of a giraffe, which was fed to the lions (“Danish zoo kills giraffe, feeds it to lions,” Nation & World, Feb. 9). They did this horrible thing because they were afraid of poisoning the gene pool. Well, there are other options: Neuter the animal, or give it to another zoo.

The article states they had offers, and the Danish public was against this barbaric deed. Not only did the zoo make this horrible decision, but they dissected and fed the animal to the lions in front of visitors. We humans are the highest species on Earth and the only animal capable of making our own decisions and planning our future. And yet we continue to make barbaric decisions.

Maybe boycotting Danish products and taking Denmark off the touring route in Europe will send a message to the authorities in that country that most of us are caring individuals who choose to protect all God’s creatures, great and small.

Carol Roth

San Antonio

The ultimate hypocrisy

Regarding “U.N. hits pope on child abuse” (Nation & World, Feb. 6): This story is just another relentless attempt by the virulently hostile anti-Catholic world to extract its “pound of flesh” without end and demonize the church. For more than 10 years, the church has worked seriously to protect the rights of children by putting into place tough, zero-tolerance policies to address and prevent the abuse of children that was heretofore perpetrated by 2 percent of the ordained clergy over many decades. (This problem is also found in many thousands of non-Catholic Christian communities, yet apparently they “get a pass.”)

The U.N. Committee on the Rights of Children has the colossal audacity to slander the church about the negative consequences of denying adolescents’ access to contraception and sexual and health information, regardless of binding church teaching in this area. The report contains the ultimate hypocrisy. Under the pretense of seeking to protect children against sexual exploitation, the U.N. vigorously promotes the most extreme damage to children through the destruction of unborn children by abortion, and the destruction of born children’s innocence through the promotion of contraception.

This report clearly explains far more what’s wrong with the U.N., than what’s wrong with the Catholic Church.

Jim Connolly


No place for fear

In the Jan. 22 Other Views editorial “Stopping sexual assaults on college campuses” (Los Angeles Times), you shed needed light on the president’s goal of preventing sexual assault on college campuses. As a returning student and mother, I believe that college campuses across America should be a safe place to learn; the fear of being sexually assaulted should not be on the minds of students along with class assignments. President Obama has taken the initial steps in reforming sexual assault crimes against college students. Now it is up to those in charge to implement better prevention methods, such as more education taught to law enforcers, and education on appropriate sexual behavior taught to male and female students. Ensuring the safety of all students is an achievable and maintainable goal.

The information in your article stating 1 in 5 women has been sexually assaulted while attending college is scary. Women who seek a higher education should not be lowered down by sexual abuse. It is shameful that only 12 percent of victims report their attacks. I pose this question: Why do many women not report their abuse to authorities? Is it because of the lack of support from the schools they attend? I encourage everyone to follow suit in Obama’s goal in combating sexual abuse.

Campus grounds should be a place to learn, not to fear.

Shonna Benjamin-Brown


The 38-percent penalty

A few years ago I got a letter from the IRS stating I owed back taxes on my tax filing for that year. The letter went on about penalties, fees, etc., then gave a bunch of numbers from my return.

At the bottom of the letter was the amount of back taxes I owed.

The amount was $1!

I saved the IRS letter, and I have the canceled check that verifies my payment.

This was a 38 percent penalty because it cost me 38 cents to mail them the $1 check!

Louis D. King


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