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Thursday, Jun 21, 2018
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Letters To The Editor

Letters to the editor: Balanced newspaper

Balanced newspaper

In response to Richard Wheeler’s letter “Printed Fox News” (Your Views, Jan. 7), if you want to read the Tampa Bay Times, you will get one view in every “news” story — that is their very liberal-leaning view.

I appreciate the Tribune for its balance, and I also appreciate Fox News for its balance. Everything else is so liberally progressive it seems that liberals only want to hear their own opinions, and so-called journalists are quick to give it.

Some of us will listen to all opinions. Fox News was born out of a cry for balance, and it is wildly successful.

Thanks again, Tribune, for not following the crowd on your reporting. Your success will continue also.

Gigi Deneault

St. Petersburg

It’s ‘TPA’

Let me start by saying that I enjoy reading your paper. I find several of your contributors quite humorous and insightful, most of your articles engaging and relevant, and local news informative. I also like the comics — laugh out loud!

However, I do have one complaint: In your articles regarding Tampa International Airport, you continually refer to it as TIA, when the actual airport code is TPA (www.airportcodes.org/#UST).

I know this isn’t a big deal, or a hot-button issue, but as a frequent traveler, I find this annoying. I also feel that by using the incorrect code in your paper, you are misinforming the traveling public. Why not take an opportunity to educate travelers by publishing the correct code sign, TPA?

I thought we needed a break from Benghazi, Hercules, polar vortexes and vehicles that get hit by trains.

John Bettini


Public health, safety issue

Regarding Joe Henderson’s column “Bondi playing politics with marijuana” (Metro, Jan. 7): The author seemed misinformed on the issue of legalizing marijuana under the guise of medicine. Marijuana is not FDA-approved and cannot be prescribed as claimed in the column. Although individual cannabinoids may have medicinal applications, unregulated, smoked marijuana is far too impure to be considered a medication. Researching the potential benefits of compounds found in cannabis is paramount. However, determining by popular vote that crude marijuana is a medicine is completely irresponsible, especially when it comes to consumer protection.

Attorney General Pam Bondi is not playing politics — she’s doing her job! She is required to give an advisory opinion to the Supreme Court regarding the constitutionality of a proposed amendment ensuring the ballot conveys its “true meaning and ramifications.”

J.C. Stringer


Krauthammer impresses

Having listened to Charles Krauthammer on Fox News for a few years, I was always of the opinion that he is a smart man. Krauthammer’s latest article in the Jan. 6 Tribune impressed me no end (“Congress should close Obamacare’s escape hatch,” Other Views). He is calling for a congressional bill that he calls “The No Bailout for Insurance Companies Act of 2014.” Krauthammer is not a politician. I guess he could be labeled an analyst. But what he is giving the politicians is a way to expose Obamacare for what it really is — a disaster. The GOP House should pass this bill and send it to the Senate, if for no other reason than to slow this train down.

I have been around for 80 years now and have seen a lot of presidents since Franklin Delano Roosevelt. Most were good men, some were average and a few were a disgrace to the presidency. When President Obama was elected, I did not vote for him. In fact, I did not like him, but I figured he is now the leader of the United States; let’s give him a chance and see what happens. Lord, what a mistake the American people made. I admire Krauthammer for his personal triumph over his physical disabilities and his common-sense reporting, which is quite refreshing.

Patrick J. Quinn


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