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Wednesday, Jun 20, 2018
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Letters To The Editor

Letters to the editor: Bad experience

Bad experience

Regarding “Getting Hillsborough’s animal services in order” (Views, Aug. 10):

On Feb. 26 a Chihuahua mix was brought into the shelter. On Feb. 27 my husband and I saw him and put in an application for him. We took him home on March 5. He was neutered, received shots and microchipped. On March 7 we took him to our veterinarian, South Tampa Veterinary Care on South Dale Mabry. He had a cough and skin problems. He was diagnosed with a kennel cough and demodicosis mange in his skin. We were given a shampoo and ointment for this treatment. On March 8 we had to get more medicine for his kennel cough. Then, on March 11, my husband took him back to the vet and had X-rays done. J.J. didn’t eat or drink; he was lethargic and slept almost all the time. We had to give him his meds via an eyedropper. He went for daily IV injections at the vet for dehydration. We thought we were going to lose him within the first week.

I went to the shelter and left copies of the vet bills with an associate in the adoption area because I wanted to prove how sick he was. I also filed a tax form with my Social Security number on it in case of a refund. To date I have not heard from anyone. In the meantime, we decided to keep him and give the meds a chance to work, since we spent the money already. He started to improve, but it was a long month of intensive care. On April 5, J.J. went back to the vet for a re-check. We were to keep him on antibiotics a little longer. At this visit we also talked about his skin getting worse. We then started aggressive treatment with ivermectin. Afterwards, finally, J.J. was a happy, normal dog. However, he was no longer getting along with our cat. The fighting became really bad.

We almost brought him back to the shelter, but we didn’t want him back in the situation we got him from since he had been so sick and we got no help from the shelter. He was put up for adoption by a friend in Orlando. He was adopted on May 5. My husband and I will never adopt from this shelter again, and I will tell people not to adopt from this shelter because of how sick our dog was. We spent over $500 on his care in the time we had him. We reached out to the shelter, and no one was courteous enough to return phone calls or respond to me dropping off the vet bills. I would love to see a refund.

Virginia Manzella


It’s vandalism

Regarding your recent “Riverwalk to curb rowers’ graffiti tradition,” “Fate of Hillsborough River’s signature graffiti art still adrift” and “Traditional rules:”

Yvonne Capin, who is politically pandering, says the downtown graffiti is “like a welcoming mat.” No, it is not a welcoming mat. Objectively, it is a disgusting display of illegal vandalism. Pandering politicians, who like to mischaracterize the illegal graffiti as “art,” have looked the other way for far too long. Now it is going to cost $40,000 from the taxpayers and $40,000 from the Friends of the Riverwalk to remove the rowing teams’ vandalism when neither group is responsible for the painting of the illegal vandalism.

Mayor Bob Buckhorn should do the right thing by the taxpayers. He should send a bill for what it costs to clean up the graffiti vandalism to each culpable school so that the schools can pay for their students’ irresponsibility, not Tampa taxpayers. I commend Councilman Frank Reddick for suggesting that the city remove all graffiti painted up and down the sea wall. Since many at the University of Tampa and others who think this kind of junk/vandalism “art” should stay on the river, let them erect a wall on their private property grounds so they, and the out-of-town teams, can vandalize their wall with all the “art” they want.

Then we have “Traditional rules,” which mischaracterizes the vandalism graffiti and says its not graffiti at all because it represents pride for their respective institutions and clubs as they enjoy their sport on a great body of water. Why in the world would we want to let out-of-town persons who won a rowing race vandalize and deface the sea walls of downtown Tampa? That is not a valid reason. Should those out-of-towners be able to do this so they can have pride in an institution hundreds, if not thousands, of miles away? Where is their respect for the river and for those who live here? It is an eyesore, and clearly illegal graffiti per city ordinance.

James Wisner


Thankful offerings

This Florida native in a far-flung Northeast college remembers the pleasant surprise of seeing crew teams cruising the Hillsborough River as the cover story of one of our college magazines. What a shock to see a picture of our beloved Hillsborough River, 1,500 miles away, on the cover of any magazine in the Northeast. After reading the article and later attending the races, I realized spring break crew races were exceedingly important to the hundreds of brilliant, and freezing, Northern college students. Everyone in the area should watch these amazing collegiate athletes’ races in the Hillsborough River at least once in their lives. Please keep their thankful offerings, their festive graffiti, on the bridges in South Tampa. When the Olympics are in Florida one day, these students might be on Team USA. One of the STEM students may fly on a rocket to the moon, or a plane back to Maine, treasuring and displaying pictures of a fun, warm-weather experience.

Tampa’s bridge art may become “Galactic Graffiti” — you never know with these outstanding college students.

Cathy Starnes

Plant City

Be counted

Mark your calendar: Tuesday, Aug. 26. Get out and vote. Every vote is important. You are important. Your vote is important.

Sheila Schwartzman


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