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Thursday, Apr 19, 2018
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Letters to the editor: LaPierre’s rhetoric

LaPierre’s rhetoric Regarding “Whose side is the NRA on?” (Other Views, May 13): The Baltimore Sun gave fair criticism regarding Wayne LaPierre’s exploitation of the Boston Marathon attack and the double standard employed by the NRA. Accusing the man of aiding and abetting terrorists, though, goes a bit too far. The general theme of LaPierre’s speech repeated much of what the executive vice-president of the organization has stated in other venues. The government has laws it will not or cannot now enforce. These laws should take precedence before Congress passes any more. LaPierre’s final statements deserve some consideration: This administration should focus on terrorists, drug dealers and violent criminals, keeping guns out of the hands of convicted felons and the mentally ill, and “for God’s sake, leave the rest of us alone.” Given the recent breech of civil liberties by federal agencies, many of us would tend to agree with LaPierre regardless of whose interest he may or may not represent. The dubious 90 percent of persons referenced by the Sun should consider that thwarting the so-called public will in this case may not be so bad.
Peter Neuhofer Dade City Abortion is ‘murder’ Kermit Gosnell was indicted for first-degree murder for killing babies who were delivered alive after botched abortions. These babies were killed just minutes (perhaps seconds) after they were taken from the mothers’ wombs. They were just as alive in the wombs as they were after being taken from the wombs. Why would “successful” abortions of these babies, i.e., killing them while inside the mothers’ wombs, not be considered murder? John Andrew Welden was indicted for murder, for giving his girlfriend an abortion pill, without her knowledge or consent, and thus causing her to abort her unborn child. In this latter case, prosecutors cited a federal statute known as the “Protection of Unborn Children Act.” Finally, our judicial system properly called these cases “murder.” In other words, it’s not the woman’s body that’s at stake, but the life of the unborn child. When will politicians, the courts and the public at large admit that abortion at any point in the life of a child in the womb is murder? Hopefully, such admission will occur before another 50 million of our precious babies are murdered. Paul M. Carren Sun City Center Prioritize spending Regarding “A case of failed leadership” (Other Views, May 15): Florida Democratic Party Chairman Allison Tant writes that federal money — aka Florida’s tax dollars — will be sent to other states if we don’t accept the money for extended Medicaid. The states that accept the additional Medicaid money will only get an amount determined by their low-income population. Why would they get an additional amount from states that turn it down? Since we are currently running a large federal budget deficit, I would think the turned-down money would be applied to it. We as a nation need to prioritize our spending to avoid budget deficits. If we think additional health care spending is important, then we need to cut spending in other areas like NATO, where we provide more than 75 percent of its budget. Steven Carey Dade City Appoint special counsel After Barack Obama was elected with Democratic control of Congress, the tea party movement exploded onto the scene in early 2009 opposing his far-left agenda. We were concerned then that Obama had a consistent behavior of using his power and an accommodating media to “shut down” his opposition. Tea Party, 912, Constitutional, Patriot and other conservative organizations began to form to focus efforts on educating the public about our founding principles, constitutional governance, limited government, free markets and fiscal responsibility. In Florida, a number of tea party groups began applying for tax-exempt status. Red flags immediately appeared as egregious amounts of information was requested, unnecessarily delaying the applications. Across the country, some applications still are awaiting a response three years later. Fast forward to the 2012 election cycle. We now find out what appears to be “criminal activity” occurring as the IRS leaked confidential information regarding applications awaiting approval to the liberal George Soros-funded organization, ProPublica. We also now know that liberal and progressive organizations were given their tax-exempt status in record times. The media knew about this issue in 2010 as it was raised in Congress, yet the media refused to investigate or report on abuse by the IRS, the most feared government agency, now politicized by the Obama administration. We never applied for tax-exempt status when we saw the intrusive and egregious requests others were forced to deal with. However, as a tea party conservative candidate who ran for office in 2012, I took action last year, before getting on the ballot, to close down the Tampa Tea Party nonprofit corporation for one reason only: fear of becoming a target of the IRS. Since Eric Holder and the Department of Justice have so much baggage of their own to investigate and are riddled with conflicts of interest, Congress must appoint a special counsel. We deserve to get to the bottom of all the illegal and tyrannical activity that the IRS has been engaged in over the past few years targeting conservatives and tea party organizations. We now wonder if this information had been reported on last year what the impact to the 2012 election would have been. Sharon Calvert Lutz

The writer is co-founder of the Tampa Tea Party.

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