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Monday, Oct 23, 2017
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Letters to the editor: Attack on First Amendment

Attack on First Amendment For years the NRA and Second Amendment supporters have been saying to the pro-Obama and anti-gun media that if they can take away your Second Amendment rights, they can take away your First Amendment rights. Today the First Amendment is under assault by the IRS’s heavy-handed scrutiny of conservative groups to silence their voices and limit their fundraising prior to a national election, and the secret phone taps on The Associated Press by Attorney General Eric Holder’s Department of Justice. Now that the Obama regime has taken Chicago politics to a national level, maybe they will listen. Mike Lee Tampa
Common Core concerns The article about Common Core (“Curriculum asks kids to think, not recite,” front page, May 12) began with references to those who opposed these education standards. Two objections were noted — that education was going to be directed by the federal government, not locally, and that there were multiple data collection elements that are going to be taken on students into the college years. Nowhere in this article were these objections addressed. It is true that local school boards have no control over what will be taught in Common Core. It is said that they are “just standards;” however, since the testing will match Common Core, this determines what will be taught. Bill Gates, who is contributing to implementation, has made the statement that the curriculum will match Common Core. Since local school boards cannot affect Common Core, parents have no input, either. There are multiple data elements imbedded within Common Core, including monitoring of health issues and parental voting patterns, plus many others. One wonders why these are necessary for educational standards. However, one of the major concerns about this mass transformation is the lack of any data on its possible effectiveness. There is no study, no research, nothing to say this will work, yet we are transforming schools. This makes little sense. I encourage everyone to research the stimulus bill to find the directions for Common Core. Kay Doughty Brandon The new America My husband had a sharp pain on his side, and I contacted our primary care doctor to get him in. Due to their schedule, they were not able to get him in until late last week. I called the doctor my daughter and granddaughter have seen, and they said they are not taking any new Medicare patients. I worked at Eagles Drug Store stocking shelves, cleaned Brandimore’s Grocery and worked in a cleaner from the age of 11. My husband and I worked our way through college and paid our way. We paid for our home the old way — by ourselves. I have always bought used cars. My husband and I — or our whole family, for that matter — have never taken one penny of tax dollars; we did not buy until we had the money to pay for it. Now, when we need a doctor, they are not taking new Medicare patients. I hope I am still alive to see those who voted for President Obama try to get a doctor. This is the new America. Get used to it, seniors. Jeanene Mallmann Odessa
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