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Thursday, May 24, 2018
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Letters To The Editor

Letters to the editor: Good news for a change

Good news for a change Tucked away in an article in The Tampa Tribune the other day was this bit of good news: “The U.S. government reported a surplus of $113 billion for the month of April, the largest in five years and a sign of the nation’s improving finances.” Of course, the conservative Tribune wouldn’t want readers to notice this important item so they made it a teeny article. The story goes on to point out that economic growth and higher tax rates have contributed to keep this year’s budget deficit to be the smallest since 2008 (when W was destroying the economy). Since the beginning of the year the deficit is $488 billion, while last year at the same time it was $720 billion.
In another bit of good news, the stock market is at its highest level ever. Wonder if our “socialist” president had anything to do with this? Millie Grime Sebring Bad decisions Kudos to The Tampa Tribune Editorial Board for having the intestinal fortitude lacking in 99 percent of the media. Your editorial “Truth catching up with Obama administration” (Our Views, May 10) was excellent. I will always wonder why this president has been immune from the same pack of media hyenas that nipped at the heels of President Bush for every decision, mispronounced word or visit to the ranch in Texas. There are those who say Benghazi happened a long time ago, and the people of America are not interested anymore. I think they are wrong, dead wrong. The cover-ups and bad decisions keep coming. Why was Chris Stevens sent to an outpost where there was not enough security? Even the Red Cross had vacated due to security concerns. Who will be willing to volunteer for our military and for foreign service under this administration? They just might leave you to die, or call you a liar and demote you for telling the truth. Shouldn’t one of the brain trusts in the State Department have connected the date of 9/11 to possible terror attacks? The buck stops with Hillary Clinton and the White House. Please don’t let the “Obama Bully Brigade” squash the investigation. Don’t let them impugn the whistle blowers with accusations of lies, and axes to grind. I hope all media will be as brave as the Tribune. Mother’s Day was last Sunday. My son is a police officer, and I cannot help putting myself in the shoes of the mothers of Chris Stevens, Sean Smith, Glen Doherty and Tyrone Woods. And let’s not forget Brian Terry, another victim of bad decisions by Eric Holder and President Obama, and the ongoing Fast and Furious cover-up. My heart aches for them. May God bless all who run into danger instead of away. Judy Wise Plant City
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