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Friday, Dec 15, 2017
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Letters To The Editor

Letters to the editor: Avoiding the truth

Avoiding the truth President Obama said on Monday that “the whole issue of talking points has been a sideshow.” Doesn’t he realize that the issue is the administration lied to the American people about what started the Benghazi attack? That’s as bad as Hillary Clinton saying, “What difference at this point does it make?” during the hearings. Again, doesn’t she understand that we need to know what happened and when so we can avoid this the next time al-Qaida attacks an embassy? Doesn’t she understand we want to know why it was labeled a mob action because of the video rather than a truthful answer that may make the people responsible for the lack of security look bad? I’m afraid this administration is big on covering its butt rather than truthfulness. For years it was Bush’s fault. Since that’s old hat now, simply blaming the Republicans for making it an issue seems to be current mode. Andrew W. Schultz Tampa
Sailing through After learning of the passing of my grandmother last Wednesday, I began the process of arranging for a quick trip to New Jersey to pay my respects and attend her funeral. Of course, like so many of us, I navigated to the quickest travel website and booked a flight and rental car package, paid and printed my documents. Breezing through the TSA checkpoint was a snap. I was prepared, bare-footed and beltless, and was only asked to raise my hat so the officer could get a better look. Upon landing in Newark, I dashed to the Dollar rental car check-in counter and presented my credit card and driver’s license. After a quick glance, the worker handed it back to me due to the fact that my license was expired! This was truly my fault and responsibility, as I should have known when my own birthday was (only two weeks ago, hence the expiration date). Under no circumstances could I receive keys to a car. This subsequently happened at the next four car rental desks as I desperately begged for a car, but all of the agents seemed to notice I was presenting an expired ID. One agent even inquired how was I able to get to Newark in the first place when traveling with an expired ID. Then it set in — how am I going to return to Tampa tomorrow? Just to let you know, I am writing this letter from my kitchen in Apollo Beach. Yet again, I sailed through TSA security with the same invalid ID that I was denied to rent a car with but was told to have a safe trip by the TSA officer who obviously was looking forward to the end of his shift instead. Budget, Hertz and Avis executives, you might have a new opportunity to grow your profits. Subcontract your rental car agents to the TSA. Dustin Hart Apollo Beach Undo the damage Regarding the rejection of health care money for Florida: Readers should encourage Gov. Rick Scott to call a special session of the Legislature to undo the damage done to the working poor, the poor in general and especially to children. Let the will of the public act on the attitudes of those state House members who are following the misguided and ambitious speaker’s cold-hearted leadership. This is not an issue of prudence like modes of transportation over which people of good faith can disagree and risk only convenience and money. This is about life and death and health or illness for needy fellow Floridians. This is the time for concerned citizens, religious leaders and those involved in providing health care to Floridians to stand up and say, “Too far!” America wasn’t founded to show the needy a heart and soul as black and hard as anthracite coal. It’s time for the governor and the voters to show leadership. Douglas G. Bevins Zephyrhills Treat all equally Regarding “Diversity board hopeful panned” (front page, May 14): Concerning Terry Kemple’s application to the diversity panel, it appears to me that the powers that be don’t want anyone who has opinions that aren’t in agreement with theirs. In other words, diversity should not be diverse. I’ve always supported homosexual, bisexual, transgender, etc., people in their quest to be treated fairly long before it ever became popular. But being treated fairly and being treated special are two different things. And when I read about diversity exercises in at least one New York middle school encouraging same-sex straight students to kiss other same-sex students to show them their support, I believe these diversity groups are no less than indoctrinating young, immature minds to think the way they want them to think, and not to be free to think for themselves. I will say the same is true with the politically correct police. They have taken away our First Amendment right to freedom of speech by proclaiming that if we say or do anything that offends any group, it is illegal. Hogwash! As to affirmative action, I think that it is only white discrimination in reverse. It also puts certain races into special classes and teaches them that they are due special treatment because they are not intelligent enough or capable enough to get ahead through their own hard work and being smart enough to learn without special privileges. It is past time that we start treating all citizens equal and get back to our God-given constitutional rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Barbara J. Theisen New Port Richey Recognize diverse view I’ve had about all the diversity, multiculturalism and university diversity departments I can take, and I certainly don’t see the need for a diversity council in Hillsborough County. As MLK Jr. said, let everyone be judged on the “content of his character.” Terry Kemple’s application to be on the council should be approved simply so that a diverse point of view can be recognized in the deliberations of the council. Roy E. Rood Tampa
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