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Tuesday, May 22, 2018
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Letters To The Editor

Letters to the editor: Eyeballing government actors

Government actors Thank you for the William March article, “Lawmaker’s company, Hardee grant at center of web” (front page, May 5) and its rare temerity in questioning the inner workings of government. Given the dearth of strong media in small counties, March’s reporting about whether millions of dollars of public grant money benefited state Rep. Jamie Grant and other public officials should give us all pause about why media and citizen involvement is so important. As a reader, I particularly applaud the tenacity of Hardee County resident Henry Kuhlman, who continues to do what all of us should be doing, which is making public records requests and bravely speaking up when the behavior of elected officials seems questionable. County Commissioner Grady Johnson also is to be commended for his apparent interest in truth and transparency. Sadly, small governments have few watchdogs these days, and it was Kuhlman who pointed out that the Hardee County Industrial Development Authority failed to file annual financial reports and audit reports required by state law for a number of years. The state auditor general’s report also said the grant appeared to violate state law. I hope your newspaper continues to follow this story with investigative zeal. Most of your readers may not be citizens of Hardee County, but all of us should know when government actors seemingly perform in ways that allow the rest of a community to lose out Patrick Johnson
Tampa Our culture’s direction Several days ago a professional athlete announced to the media his sexual identity. This was met with gushing praise from sportscasters, TV newsreaders, media commentators and even the president of the United States. Little or nothing was said or written about the Biblical position on sex and marriage. The Biblical position is pretty straightforward and clear. Marriage between a man and woman is the standard, and sex is to be practiced only between a husband and wife. Sex outside of this institution is clearly not pleasing. Cheating spouses, men and women engaging in sex outside of marriage, and women with women and men with men in a sexual relationship are all equally in opposition to the Bible’s direction. Our very nature puts us at odds with the Biblical plan. We really like to do what we want to do even when our consciences tell us no. The movies we watch, television programs, the lives of entertainers and political leaders who ignore marriage vows soften our recognition of what is right and wrong. This is a direction in our culture that does not warrant cheers and praise but sadness and remorse. John Weber Lakeland The same medicine Regarding “Lawmakers favor loud music over Florida neighborhoods” (Our Views, May 7): Apparently, listening to noise at excessive decibel levels causes brain damage. I’m not sure if this can be cured, but perhaps more of the same medicine needs to be administered. With the long delay time we encounter at traffic signal lights, I would suggest that state Sen. Jeff Clemens — who believes that his loud music has a healing power for people subjected to his beliefs — should be in the center lane on U.S. 19 with his followers blasting noise on either side of him. Not only can he have the great healing power that this noise administers but he can explain to the police officer why he didn’t hear the ambulance that is on a life-saving emergency run. Lee Webster New Port Richey
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