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Monday, Apr 23, 2018
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Letters to the editor: Good alimony call

Good alimony call Applause to Gov. Rick Scott for not signing the alimony bill into law as written. The retroactive clause and its impact should be a concern. I am sure the guidelines for awarding alimony need to be changed. It is the sneaky provision regarding the shared custody of children that concerned me. A quick review of the Florida Statute (61.30) regarding child support payments indicates that the court order on custody (the living arrangement) for the child is to be considered in the determination of support. Analyses of every bill are provided in the process of moving through the Legislature, but nowhere in the analyses can I find how child support will be impacted. If this bill had become law, would more parents and children be supported by the state? I am tired of paying for other people’s obligations. I’m glad it is back to the drawing board. M.W. Bradley
Land O’ Lakes Common Core The op-ed by Jay Bookman of the Atlanta Constitution that appeared in the Tribune May 3 is a good example of the laziness of journalists today. He did not present the facts about Common Core. I suggest you watch a series of videos about Common Core on YouTube. Please watch the entire series to gain the facts. Education decisions should be made as locally as possible. Parents, not government, need to be making educational decisions. If you saw “Waiting for Superman” you know how children are being denied a good education, primarily because teachers unions have taken over. While monies spent on education have increased significantly over time, student performance has not. A few years ago when my son was studying American history in high school, I was appalled at how little the text told our country’s true history. Public schools have become institutions of indoctrination. Common Core works to enhance this indoctrination, not better educate our children. Barbara Johnson Clearwater Head Start dustup U.S. Rep. Kathy Castor gets her fair share of positive media attention in the Tampa Bay area. Last week’s coverage of Castor’s promotion of Head Start, a 1960s-era welfare program, never seemed to ask two key questions: Is there no program in Washington that cannot survive a 4 percent cut? Is there any evidence that Head Start has proven its worth and actually made a real difference for the children of poor families? Jim Parker Lakeland Puny texting ban The state of Florida finally passed a bill banning texting while driving. Of course, it falls short of what most all of us would have wanted. But then again, it’s better than nothing. Why, though, must the ban be so permissive? Since drivers will be allowed to text while stopped in traffic or at a traffic light, no doubt we’ll still be held up by those busy texting and not paying attention to traffic. However, only $30 for a first offense and $60 if it occurs again within five years, is but a mere slap on the wrist, and I can’t help but wonder if the penalty is harsh enough to be effective. And why can’t an officer pull someone over just for texting? Why must we wait for an accident to happen? In any case, I will never understand why our elected legislators wouldn’t pass a stricter bill. These folks don’t deserve to be in Tallahassee representing “we the people.” JoAnn Lee Frank Clearwater
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