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Friday, May 25, 2018
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Letters to the editor: Government by stupidity

Government by stupidity Through the wonder of human inventiveness, we have vehicles that not only fly but do it at hundreds of miles an hour. Through the operation of the markets, there are thousands of these flying vehicles in the air at any given moment. By the incompetence of the American Congress, we are furloughing the regulators necessary to ensure those flights are safe. Sequester is government by stupidity. Every congressman bragging he won’t compromise because of “principle” should re-read the Constitution. It requires compromise to operate the government. No one is supposed to be infallible. All should respect the role of others in the American democracy. There is a simple design for funding the government established in the Constitution. Congressmen have a sworn duty to cause the government to function under that design. When the House sends up budgets it knows the Senate will not seriously consider, it is purposefully failing its constitutional duty. Only the House can constitutionally originate budgets. Every statue on an American courthouse lawn honoring military sacrifice should contain the prayer that our national leaders be worthy of the dedication of the serving young. When I hear the chest-beating and tough talk about non-negotiable budget principles rather than the sounds of the gears of government actually functioning, it makes me sick.
Douglas Bevins Zephyrhills Schools as medicine cabinets What’s next? According to the Tribune, the Florida Legislature is considering a bill that would require schools across the state to stock EpiPen medication and have it available should any child have a potential deadly allergic reaction. For legislatures that are trying to reduce government in our lives, we are now going to become the medicine cabinet for every child in school? Where are the parents? Wouldn’t you think that by the time a child is in school parents are aware of their allergies? These children should have an EpiPen hanging around their neck provided by their parents. Do you realize EpiPens cost $276.56 a twin-pack, and they have a shelf life from one to two years? How many would we need to cover our school population? Which of our lawmakers is going to get his pockets lined with this one? Margery Jakubek Sebring The costs of wars Upon reflecting on the recent article in The Tribune reporting the backlog at the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs nationwide and specifically at Bay Pines in St. Petersburg, it makes me wonder how long it takes for non-military citizens to qualify and receive SSI disability payments. This is just another glaring example of inefficient government agencies, and now we have been burdened with more of the same mismanagement through Obamacare. Not one of these wars was ever a serious threat to the United States, and our war on terror does not require us to be proactive by sending our military all around the world, when we can dispense just as much hurt being reactive when necessary with today’s technology. According to the Congressional Research Service, we have spent $977 billion sticking our nose into Korea, Vietnam, the Persian Gulf, Iraq and Afghanistan from incursion until withdrawal. But this amount does not include VA benefits, interest on borrowed money to fund the wars, assistance to allies or cost for maintaining troops after the conflict ended. We seem to find all the necessary money to fund these needless, wasteful and expendable wars and actions, and spend $500 million on a software program that makes things less efficient instead of better. Yet we have little left when it’s time to pony up and make it right for those who sacrificed. Jerry Wright Avon Park
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