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Friday, Jun 22, 2018
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Letters To The Editor

Letters to the editor: The right thing for cats

The right thing for cats Regarding “County tangles with wild cats” (Our Views, April 24): I don’t know where you got your information, but it couldn’t be more wrong. So let me set you straight. Humans, not cats, are the No. 1 threat to wildlife. Cats play a very important role in balancing the ecosystem. That so-called study by the Smithsonian was biased. It was based on a small radius,with just 69 of the same species of birds. During that study 42 birds died, and only six deaths were possibly caused by cats through observation. Cats are rarely the source of toxoplasmosis. The true cause is eating under-cooked meats. Animals that commonly carry the rabies virus include bats, foxes, raccoons and coyotes. In 2001-02 there were 7,400 cases of rabies in animals and only four in humans — 40 percent were in raccoons. From 2000-07 there were 25 confirmed cases of rabies in humans, and in that same time frame there were 27,500 cases of West Nile virus that killed 1,080 people. I personally feed colonies of feral cats and promote and participate in trap-neuter-return. It not only keeps the cats healthy but stops the reproduction cycle. Feral cats are scared of the general public and will not approach people; they run in the other direction. How can you blame a feral cat for transmitting a virus or injuring someone when they run in the opposite direction?
Feral cats have been here many, many years, and it is all because of stupid, irresponsible people who let their unfixed cats roam. The cycle repeats and repeats. TNR is the right thing to do, and in a well-managed colony the cat will live its life out. We need to right a wrong situation caused by people. So, Tampa Tribune, you need to get your facts right before you print something that could cost a lot of cats their lives. Vicky Tillman Tampa Sad times The Financial Times is an award-winning newspaper that provides us with the latest UK and international business, finance, economic and political news, commentary and analysis. Their many columnists offer refreshing and thought-provoking messages, often with a different perspective than we receive in America. How sad and embarrassing to receive a letter from the FT that we can no longer receive our delivered newspaper because its Florida print site is closing. Embarrassing, because not only will the enjoyment of this newspaper not be available in Tampa, but perhaps throughout Florida! It is almost impossible to find a Wall Street Journal in downtown Tampa. What does this say about our city and state? Melinda Stell Tampa Raising the bar Raising standards for Bright Futures Scholarships means 60 percent of (low-performing) students will not qualify for college money? If they studied, did their homework and generally applied themselves to school work, most of them would qualify. Why should we reward slackers with free money for college? Would slackers perform any better in college than high school? There are plenty of hard-working students who deserve help. Raising the standards will weed out the dead wood and give aid where it will be of most benefit. Mary Ballowe Seffner
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